• Next morning I looked around my room dazed and see everything the way it was the night before. Now that i'm mentally together and I look at the mess I've made I realized something...Autumn's gonna kill me for this. Gathering my courage and a bag of stuff i'd need if I decided to make an emergency escape threw a window I opened my door and walked to the staircase. I stopped at the top listening to see if I could hear anything or anyone, but the only thing I heard was a clicking sound. The silence didn't comfort me in the least...
    I sowly desended to the living room to find there wasn't anyone there. I made my way quietly to the kitchen but again I saw noone, and the clicking sound was the window Laura always left open. I looked over a few other room's and still found noone around. I came back to the kitchen wondering where everyone could have gone, but then the clock caught my eye... it was 4:55 am.
    No wonder there wasn't anyon around...even vampire's know it's to early to be out and about. I stood there looking at the clock for another 4 minute's and then decided to hide out in the music room.
    About 3 hour's and 1 nap later I start to hear people talking down the hallway, and decide to listen in on their conversation.
    "God when do you plan to go shopping for any food?" Obviously Marcus, I'd know that condesending tone anywhere. "Not much reason to now.." That was Autumn, then a tiny sigh came which must have been Laura. I wonder why Autumn didn't go out shopping last night...they normally do that on a tuesday. "I can't your both acting like this, it's not that bad without Luna here..." Marcus said. Hearing that hurt so much that I started tearing up.
    All of a sudden Laura made this huge sigh that almost sounded like a sob, "Mabey you two don't miss her but I do!" She said sadly. Yeah Laura's got my back! But after she said that it suddenly got extreamly quiet. I decided to go and give Marcus a peice of my mind. I quietly got up and sneaked by the kitchen door which was partly closed so I kicked it open and startled everyone. Autumn, Marcus, and Laura sat there staring at me like I was some circus freak for a minute. Then without seeing him move Marcus was right next to me and giving me a bear hug that almost crushed my lung's, then Laura came up and gave me a spine-crushing hug while crying on my shoulder, and Autumn just sat there stunned. I managed to get one of my arm's free and pointed at Marcus and said " Don't act all 'oh I missed you so much Luna' cause I heard what you said about not missing me you jerk!!" I yelled. He looked shoked for a momment then looked like he was gonna cry.....Marcus crying....for some reason it wasn't as satisfying as it sounded a while back. Autumn finally stood up, " You've been here the whole time?" He asked me. I gave this confused look and answered " Yeah where else would I be?" He just looked at me weirdly. I suddenly got this pain in my heart that almost made me cry. " I mean if you don't want me here I can go move back in with mom..." I said. " NOO!!!!!!!" Screamed all three of them at once. I swear I thought I had both my eardrum's broken. So after another 30 warm fuzzy gushy hug filled minute's we were all sitting at the kitchen table like normal as though there was nothing in the world that could go wrong. Laura got up to see what she could cook and Marcus wanted to give suggestion's so he went to. Autumn was enjoying his newspaper as per usual and I was sitting there watching Laura and Marcus fight about what could be cooked with what and how, suddenly Autumn put his hand on top of mine. I looked at him with a questioning look on my face, but he just gave me his angelic half-smile that I secretly adored. After about 20 minute's I told them all about my room and Autumnjust about blew a fuse....go figure hahaha!