• one dark gloomy night two girls gazed up at the starts after getting back from their dates.A pale young man with dark black hair and green eyes like a cat was following them.He creeped past one of the girls in a bat form.The girl let out a blood curteling scream when she came face to face to the man who has been following them all night he layed beside her.The other girl was petrafiyed and did not move.The man carressed her cheek and slowly plunged his fangs into her soft pale neck.As she ladyed there uterly scared and slowling dying the blood ran down his chin and driped to the grass as he licked his loushious blood thirsty lips the other girl ran like lightning away from him.He flew after his tasty treat.She fell over her left foot and landed in the street.Unconsious a car full of drunk teenage boys slamed their brakes as they slid over her body tearing her skin off and blood ran from the tires…she was dead.The man slowly one by one drank the blood of the boys but one fortunant boy ran for his life to his house leaving the scene and his dead friends behind.
    The End