• Footsteps shattered the enormous silence as a cloaked person raced down the cavernous hallway of the palace. The night time guards glanced up in alarm as the hooded figure seemed to fly down to the princes' room, but this person was no intruder.

    "Princess Lia..." The soldier outside the room quickly bowed and opened the door. Lia quickly went to the side of the bed, soaked in moonlight.

    "Brother.... " her lips quivered and shining tears fell down her heart shaped face and fell to the floor. Blood crusted the princes' hair and his face was covered in mud. The ghost of his last battle hung on his face, and Lia knew that he had fought valiantly and bravely. She knew he was dead.

    "It's shocking hmm? How death seems to follow our family closely. No one ever lives very long." Lia looked up into the dark corner where a figure emerged, light making her blond hair seem white. "So sad.... I never even got the diamond necklace he promised me."

    "You're a monster!" Lia shouted at the person. "I am ashamed to call you my sister! Have you no compassion Eliana?"

    "Oh, I'm the monster? May I remind you that I'm not the witch?" Lia's eyes lowered as more tears fell, turning into crystal, which clattered against the floor. "Which proves my point..."

    Lia had been cursed when she was just a baby. It caused her great pain to know that when she turned the age of sixteen, she would be banished from her own kingdom, for when she turned that age, she would become something powerful and great, something that had the potential to destroy everything and everyone.

    "Princess Lia, The king and queen of Elrond wish to speak with you." The announcer turned to the right and Lia's parents, dressed in their best even though it was only midnight walked gracefully into the room.

    "Lia..." The queen's tone was cold, as it had always been when she had spoke to her. Lia's parents detested her, so they had shut her out of their life and refused to even acknowledge she was within a hundred miles of them.

    "Lia," the king picked up. "As you and everyone on this planet know, you're birthday is only five days away. On that day you er.... become.... whatever you will become. We feel as if you are the reason the beasts of dark have come out of their alternate world into ours. We have no choice, but to banish now. Leave before dawn, or you shall be killed"

    And with that, they walked out of the room with Eliana, leaving Lia, and her dead brother behind, without a care in the world.

    -end of part 1.
    More shall be posted later,