• SUBJECT: Encounter
    Hermond, Nicholas Ray
    March 13, 2051

    Couldn’t sleep; don’t think anyone could due to the screaming of the monsters. I know Bea couldn’t because she was crying while I was holding her.

    McLain told Bea to scan the blood next to where she found Lillian’s GPS. Beatrice did a DNA scan and none the less, it was Lillian’s blood. She was in the main deck.

    Bea and McLain would go to the control room. With Bea’s strategy and McLain’s codes they would give Bruce and I our missions; just in case something goes wrong.

    The main deck was on the other side of the main lounge; it would be a long way. About 15-20 minutes later McLain contacted Bruce and told him they made it; thank god. Bruce and I weren’t even close to halfway there since there was a damn Quarantine Seal on the doors that led to the main deck. I was sure the quarantine was to keep something in because on the other side you could hear scratching and heavy breathing.

    I asked Bea if there was another way to the main deck; turns out the only other way is going through an air vent that was above us. The air vent would lead to a hallway where we would just need to head straight to get to the main deck.

    When we were about to head into the air vent something came out of the air vent and jumped on Bruce. I used the static electricity that the AIR suit can extract from the palm. It’s usually used to recharge engines or cut rusted metal but today, I used it to kill this damn creature.

    They look so weird; big, black eyes with and extra small pair right below them. Teeth like a regular humans but the canines are really sharp. Claws but they can extract blades from their hands. Their spines are visible and stick out of their back. They can extract bones from wherever to defend themselves. These bones scratched up Bruce’s stomach and chest; luckily he was fine.

    We went into the air vent before more came and just as we were going to exit, Bruce was taken away.