• Kokuou reached the Kage village south of centeral headquarters in Tokyo Japan after being dispatched to investigate a Wake up Call. He entered the north gate of the village after ripping through the Han Kyaccha Akuma (Lit. Demon Catcher Seal) that was guarding it. Kokuou walked through the empty town untill he spotted a monster of black flesh near a tree not too far of form where he was. He was in no hurry because the humans of this village where of no importance to him or headquarters. He was just there to scavange for any Akuma shreds that may have been leftover from the battle that had taken place.

    Kokuou reached the Akuma and spoke loud enough so that it would hear him. "I am here to salvage, have you any bits of your dead bretheren?"

    At that the Akuma turned with an angry look on his face. "Those worthless scum are not my bretheren, they were a band of mercenaries traveling with me because they believed they were my partners. They all died scattered around town so you have a ball with they're flesh, it's of no good use to me." The Akuma raised his muscular, long arm to it's face which was some sixty two centimeters above Kokuou himself to pick the human flesh from out in beteween his teeth. "They were grouped together over near the shrine last i saw them. Maybe the Gucci was the one to take care of them." The Akuma was wise to the fact that Kokuou was no human so he was sure to not mess with him.

    Kokuou Headed towards the shrine after nodding the Akuma off. He searched throughout and around the shrine with care and found enough flesh and bone to put good on his name again. As Kokuou headed back he stumbled upon a small boy hidden within the village that was scared and although his compasion for humans was lacking, Kokuou felt amazment at the little boys will and ability to survive this long without the Akuma finding him. He reached out to the little boy, sitting behind the lumber station with the arm not wrapped around arms and heads. "What is your name, state it and i shall help you out."

    The little boy looked up from the bloody, gory mess on the ground and with a faint smile on his face and a tear in his eye said, "My name is--" At that exact moment the same Akuma from before had jumped at the little boy and swallowed him whole. Kokuou was astonished at the injustice this Akuma had done.

    "I don't kill you on sight and you repay me by swallowing my conversational partner. I don't know why I didn't kill you after you gave me the information I wanted." Kokuou dropped his loot and reached for his back with his left hand at his Zanbato, Otomo. Kokuou put his grip around the sixth of the handle closest to the hilt and pressed his lower third of his fingers against the buttons that forced open the four grips that held the two and a half meter long blade on his back and fourty one point six centimeters above his head. He lept forward and sliced the stomach of the Akuma, dropping the terrified and slop covered child out. The Akuma roarded with anger and placed his arms in front of him as he ran towards Kokuou. Kokuou out streched his arm and the Akuma ran right into his sword. "Are you okay kid?" The child was to scared to answer. "I liked how you kept away from the Akuma so long. Tell me your name and i'll let you come with me to the Headquarters."

    The child looked up and still somewhat frightened answered, "My name is Koushaku, sir."

    Kokuou smiled. He put Otomo on his back and picked up the kid. Kokuou had to leave his loot behind but that day the King found an heir, his Prince.