• There wasn’t anything particularly beautiful about her. Well, that is to say that it wasn’t just one thing. It was sort of an overall beauty. There was some bulk to her frame, in other words, she wasn’t perfectly slender. She had a pleasant round face. It wasn’t sharp in anyway. Her lips were full and a rich reddish-pink color, not at all fake. Her nose fit well in the middle face, not to big or small. At the end of it, it sort of made a small ball, instead of jutting out into a point, like some do. Her cheeks had a tint of red about them, adding color to her otherwise fair face. Light freckles dappled along her nose.

    Her eyes were the shapes of almonds, with round pupils. They were a light blue color, not the color of the sky, but more of a regular blue mixed with a grey. The outside of the iris was a bit darker than the rest of the eye and the iris itself and an underlying wavy sort of pattern. They were kind and gentle eyes, but set back with determination.

    Her hair was long and thick. It flowed down to the center of her back. It didn’t fall in nice straight lines; no it was wild and fell in big loose waves around her. It was a sort of copper color, with strands varying in color from pale blonde to a deep read. These all mixed together to make a beautiful strawberry-blonde head of hair.

    With her hair falling around her shoulders in a care free way, her face untainted by make up, and smiling, a good natured smile, she looked….. beautiful.