• I picked a four-leaf clover from the grass and began plucking it. "What is wrong child?" I looked over towards the castle grounds and saw a beautiful young woman walking towards me. She had sparkling golden hair and eyes silver as if diamonds. Not to mention her elegent walk and stature and the magnolia coloured dress that dragged along the ground as she neared me.
    She sat down on the wooden log beside me, "So child, what is troubling you?"
    I centered my eyes with hers and they locked, "I just found out some.. terrible news," My eyes drifted from hers and landed downwards at the now dead clover stem in my hands.
    "Go on, do not be afraid to speak your mind."
    I took a deep breath, dropped the stem and looked back up at her, "it's not so much, that it is bad news. I mean, any normal child my age would take this news as fantastic or wonderful but.." I slowed to a halt and closed my eyes, "I've always wanted a mother but not so much that I would lose a sister." I opened my eyes again as she took my left hand and placed it in hers, wrapping them around it.
    "Your mother loves you does she not?"
    I let out a slight sigh, "Well, yes ofcourse. She must do, we've known each other our whole lives." She gave me a confused look, "my sister confessed to me that she was, in actual fact, not my sister."
    She smiled and gazed directly into my eyes, "then what is the problem child? She is not either, but both. Since birth you may have thought only to have a sister but all this time you have really had a mother as well." My eyes widened as I realised this. I have both a mother and a sister, she may have kept it from me but I would not be here right now if she did not care. I took my other hand and placed it on hers that were still clenching my left hand.
    "Thank you miss. I have to go now, my mother must be worried," she bowed her head with a nod and let my hand loose.
    "I'm glad," she whispered as we both stood up and began walking our own ways.
    So I began walking down the gravel pathway which pointed the way to one of the castle's entries. One thought was piercing through my mind and would not leave, "Why did she not tell me?"
    When I reached the door handle I placed my hand on it and took a deep breath. In one motion I turned the handle downwards and opened the door. Through it was Lantern, no, mother. She was sitting there, eyes red from tears, and another familiar face was by her. The king, Ajax. I slowly walked into the room and closed the door behind me, "Mother."
    Lantern's head perked up at me. She got up from the chair and ran towards me, arms open wide. We grabbed onto each other as her arms reached mine and closed around. We hugged for what seemed forever, I finally had the mother I had always wanted. "Somnus, do you hate me?"
    I immediately replied, "Never have I." We let each other loose as Lantern turned her head towards king Ajax.
    Looking back at me she let out a sigh then began to speak, "I guess you want to know why I kept such a thing secret from you?" She looked at Ajax once more then back at me, "and the truth about your father."
    Wonder went through my mind, why was she looking at the king. Did he know this when I did not? "Your highness," he looked my way, "why are you here? Do you know something I do not?"
    While leaning on the table he took the earring from his left ear. Ajax stood properly and walked towards me, "This belongs to you." He placed his hand in front of me with the earring still in it.
    "But why.." Things were getting more confusing just as I realised what that earring was. The current King wears two earrings, one to signify the King. And the other which will be handed to his first born son, the future King of Esender. Just what scandal had happened so that I, would be given this earring?