• The doorbell rang as I finished brushing my hair. I was just getting ready to go practice my new routine on my flag. Molly came into the bathroom.
    “I think you should get this one. It's Matt.”
    “Uh okay I can do that.”
    I walked out and opened the door to see him standing on my pouch looking around.
    Wonder how this is going t turn out...
    I walked out and closed the door behind me. “Hey.”
    “Hi,” he said.
    “What's up?”
    “I uh got you something. You know for Christmas.” I smiled at him as he pulled something out of his pocket. He held it out to me and I saw it was a zip o lighter.
    “Well I did owe you a lighter.”
    I smiled.
    He looked around then down at his skateboard. “I uh I--”
    “You gotta go? Like always?” I said cutting him off. We may not be dating anymore but it was true before. He was always leaving, or always had an excuse.
    “Well uh yeah. I do have to.”
    “Yeah you can go have fun smoking and drinking with your friends now. Since I'm not here to stop you, like you stopped in the first place,” I said, muttering the last part.
    “Megan, I told you I stopped smoking,” he said kind of sternly.
    I looked up at him. “Okay,” I said sarcastically. “I guess since it doesn't matter anymore I can just go ahead and say it.” I took a deep breath. “Matt I never really believed you when you said that. I used ot be able to taste the smoke in your mouth, and I could even smell it on you. I know you smoke you don't have to lie.”
    “I was never lying. I told you it was hard to stop and --”
    “Yeah that too. At lunch sometimes you would ask me what I would do if you were smoking. It made me think you were. “
    “Megan I--”
    “Nope don't really care anymore. I don't want your excuses,” I said looking away and crossing my arms over my chest.
    He put a cold hand on my cheek and I looked up at him. “Why do you care so much anyways?”
    I looked into his eyes. “Because I love you, Matt. Even though we broke up,I still love you. Remember those what ifs? The questions like 'what if I broke up with you?' and you remember what my answer was?”
    He nodded. “You said you would still love me.”
    “Yeah its true, I do still love you.”
    “So you care so much because you love me? And what don't want me to get hurt?”
    “That and I don't want you to die! I may be over reacting but people die when they use drugs. Why do you think you have to be 18 to smoke? Because when you're older it won't have nearly as much of an effect. You'll probably get lung cancer when you get older.”
    His hand dropped from my cheek. He looked down at the ground and looked completely defeated.
    I put a finger under his chin. “Matt I love you. There is nothing I can do about that but I don't want you to be a druggie. I never knew the kid I liked for 2 years straight would be someone like this.” I kissed him gently on the lips and walked back into my house.