• Thunder crashed, wind howled as a dark figure maneuvered its way through a forest in the midst of a storm. The creature was swift and quiet, making no more than a small patter on the ground that was quickly masked with the sound of the falling rain. Within the creature's arms, a small object wrapped in a tattered, old gray cloth lay. Upon running for hours, the creature took shelter under the large heavy branches of a massive old oak tree.

    Stopping to catch it's breathe, the creature sat down on one of the large roots that dug its way deep underground. As it sat, the mysterious figure pulled down the hood that was masking its face. A flash of lightning filled the sky, illuminating the creature's face. A red, scaly muzzle and large blue eyes hid behind long flowing black hair. The reptilian being seemed to be feminine. As she pulled the hair out of her eyes, a small infant cry came from the old cloth. The women picked the object up, cradled it close, and rocked it in her arms. She pulled a portion of the cloth back to reveal a small child's face. The child, like the women, was also red and scaly. It appeared to be very young boy, roughly three years old.

    "Shh... It's alright," the women said in a calming voice as she nuzzled the child, "Mommy's here..."

    The child let out a soft purr and closed its eyes into a peaceful slumber as the mother hummed it a soothing lullaby. She then kissed him on the forehead, and covered him back up in the cloth. Tears streamed down the mother’s face like the rain dripping down the large leaves of the old oak tree. As she cradled the child close, a howl echoed out through the wood.

    “No! Please!”, she cried whilst clutching her child dearly, “Just a little longer!”

    Her only response was a tree crashing to the ground a few miles away. The mother took off the cloak that hid her among the foliage and wrapped it around the child. She held him close and nuzzled him for the last time. With tears of sorrow and agony, she placed her son in a small hollow in the tree.

    “Goodbye my son....mommy loves you....and always will...”

    With her final goodbye, the women ran off into the rain. The farther she ran away from her son, the more her heart broke. But deep inside she knew it was the only choice. Though this spelt the end for her life in this world, she could die in peace knowing...her son would live.