• Back during the Age of Reverie,the land of Prisa was heavily in conflict with itself. The Higher Arcadia nations-Zaltre,Vennoa,and Bartiris, sought to expand their countries empires to the surrounding land in a bind for resources and power, for the which they claimed to be “for the better good of all the peoples of Prisa.”

    This ideal was bred upon on the current advances in technology, economy, and resources being made across the land upon the discovery many different precious stones and metals. One of the most sought after were the discovery of magicites—minerals naturally imbued with magical properties.

    The other nations and kingdom took heed to the hostile advances of the Higher Arcadia and proceeded to defend themselves, each suffering lost after lost with few victories inbetween.Over the constant warring, the intent of the Arcadia was revealed----their desire to expand and “unify” the countries were merely fueled by the discovery of magicite dubbed “Necrohma” which the three kings of the Arcadia were trying to gather to revive a Sealed Beast,a totema from ancient times, to further their ambitions to the other continents of the world.

    With this knowledge out, the countries opposing the Higher Arcadia sought to unify their resources for the impending threat, and thus the Prisa Alliance was born. Each nation sent forth a warrior from their country, each representing a gemstone from that country along with an element that is associated with that area the country resides in.

    One such warrior was the Agate Paladin, whom hails from the southern lands of Deis and represents the element earth in part of the nature and color of her gemstone. Born in the city of Cornell, which is heavily surrounded by forest, at a young age she and her younger brother took interest into nature and the wildlife, for which the city has come to live in tune with peacefully. However, the war had already been going strong for several years, and the children began to see how something so can tranquil can be quickly taken away. As she got older, the paladin took sword mastery and eventually join Deis’ army, climbing the ranks getting her current position. With her calming demeanor and resolve to protect the surrounding forest alongside her younger brother who is also one of the warriors, she was given the denotation of the Serene Earth, and to travel to Higher Arcadia to halt their plans to awaken the Sealed Beast.