• Quick Discription- My name is Ren and I'm 16. I have long almost floor length black hair . I have a ghostly pale completion and soft hazel eyes. I also have a secret, a secret I don't understand. When I feel scared or threatened, I can hear peoples thoughts.

    Chapter 1- breaking point

    I can't hold myself together. I'm not strong enough. All I love, everything is stripped from me. My family, my loved ones and friends. What should I do?
    I stand outside the city gates looking over the sea. The wind blows, ruffling my dirty matted hair and brings the fresh scent of sea spray. I clutch myself as I feel myself on the verge of tears.
    They're all gone.....they left me. What am I to do? I can't live like this! I'll surely die....
    the truth of the words cut me. Making my already bleeding heart wrench and bleed more. I felt myself slipping and I curled up on the ground. I didn't make any noise, the black grass concealed me perfectly against human eyes. I just laid there and allowed myself to bleed.
    There was the sound as the grass swished and the whispers of footsteps. I didn't move, just hoped it was my exile. “Ren.” Someone whispered. Then a dark shadow was crouching next to me. Had I fallen asleep? I don't remember. “Ren.”the shadow whispered. My throat was thick and dry. “Are you hurt?” I couldn't speak, for I would break down completely. To scream, sob and beg for death.
    “Who its 'they'? Did you loose someone?” The shadow asked.
    Was I talking? Had I been talking? I don't remember anything. Then the cold, hard wet ground was gone and I was cradled in strong warm arms.
    “Don't worry. I'm going to help you.” the shadow said. “My name is Dimitri. I was sent to look for you.”
    I kept silent. I couldn't speak, I was tired. “I'm going to take you somewhere safe.” Dimitri said. “There is no need to be afraid.”
    I'm not afraid. A shadow has hopefully taken me to my death.
    Why can't he see that I just wanna die?
    We weaved through the dark streets of Arce. Then there was something really warm, like we stepped into a house. Dimitri placed me a soft pallet that smelt like apples. “Rest here while I get you something to eat.” Dimitri said, then the soft sound of reseeded footsteps.
    I don't move or make a sound. I just laid there in silence and darkness waiting for him to come back and hurt me. Then there was a soft sound of something clicking, something like metal.
    “Here.”Dimitri says, pressing something into my hand. “Eat it, its good for you.”
    I sat up, and took a small bite, my stomach churning since I haven't ate in 2 days.
    “Can you talk? Dimitri asked.
    I opened my mouth and snapped it close. Two days ago a man pored hot broth down my throat, because I kept begging for food.
    My throat burns, it hurts.
    Pain. Thats what I was feeling, a strange sensation of being cleaved in two. The pull was powerful. To powerful for my weak body, the pain was bewildering and it make me sob.
    “Oh. I see.” Dimitri said. “Your in denial.” Dimitri shuffled around in the darkness then there was a flash of light. The room lite up was lite up in a soft glow from a fire place. I could finally make out the room.
    The room was fairly big. It had a small bookshelf with many books, there was a small round table pushed into a corner where many things were piled, many things I couldn't see. I saw a window that glowed with the soft milky moonlight. There was a sofa near the fire place where Dimitri was sitting, his head bent down. All I could tell he had Jet black hair and a white coat.
    I tried to clear my throbbing throat. “I'm sorry.” I whispered-all that I was capable. Dimitri rose his head. I was shocked at the color of his eyes, there were a soft violet. His face was perfect, almost except for the little gash on his cheek.
    “Sorry for what?” Dimitri said. “There is nothing to apologize for.”
    I shook my head. “For not speaking to you.” I whispered.
    Dimitri bent his head and chuckled. “There are time to speak and times not.” Dimitri said, then rose his head. “Try and sleep. Save your energy.”
    I lowered my eyes to the pallet and my head felt heavy.
    I am tired.
    I then laid down on the soft pallet. “Altair.” I whispered.
    “Hmm?” Dimitri answered softly.
    “Thank you for saving me from death.” I whispered as my eyes fell shut.

    I don't know how long I slept. But when I woke up the sun was glowing from behind the curtain. I sat up and looked around this time I could make out the small things in the room.
    A basket of cloth, a wooden chest, a practice sword leaning against the wall, a large tapestry was on the wall with a triangle woven into it.
    “Altair?” I called, my voice stronger. There was a stir on the couch and Dimitri sat up.
    “Oh I see your up.” Dimitri said. “You sound much better.”
    I nodded. “I feel better too.”
    Dimitri then got off the couch and dug into his coat and pulled out a small bag. “Here. I bought this for you.”
    I took it and opened it and sighed. “Its been a while since I've had these.” I said, pulling out a cinnamon roll.
    Dimitri smiled, his eyes sparkling. “I guess you never had rich food like this.”
    I shook my head and took a big bite. “I never had any food. Well that wasn't rotten” my voice lowered “or forced down my throat” I whispered I took another large bite.
    Dimitri chuckled and pulled another small bag out of his coat. “Here have mine.” Dimitri said, handing out his cinnamon roll.
    “Aren't you hungry?” I asked.
    Dimitri shook his head. “If you believe me, I ate 3 of them earlier.”
    I giggled. “Wow 3?” I said, then frowned. “That must've cost a lot of money.”
    Dimitri chuckled. “Lets just say I have connections to get things.”
    I patted the bed. “Ah. I've forgot whats it's like to sleep on a bed.”
    “Well this is only temporary.” Dimitri said. “I”m going to take you to my home.”
    “isn't this you home?” I asked.
    Dimitri shook his head. “This is just a temporary home while I was doing a favor for someone.” Dimitri said. “Today we're going to my real home.”
    “Where is that?” I asked.
    “Its in the rich district.”Dimitri said simply.
    I gasped. “You live all the way over there?”
    Dimitri smirked. “Yes I do. Would you like to come with me?”
    I stared at him.
    Why is this strange man doing this? He barely even knows me. Is he trying to save me from death? Or is he just waiting to hurt me?
    “When I first met you. You said 'I'm going to take you somewhere safe'. Is something after me?” I said, twirling a pieces of my hair.
    Dimitri sighed. “There is someone actually.” Dimitri said, turning away from me. “I was told to protect you.”
    My heart leaped into my throat. “Who is?” I whispered.
    “Your friend, Ashlen.”Dimitri said. “She had an Assassin hired to finish you.”
    I gasped. “Why?” I squeaked.
    “I wasn't given the details. Except where to find you and where to house you.” Dimitri said.
    Tears were welling up in my eyes. “Why would she do that? She was my best friend.” I sobbed.
    Dimitri shook his head. “I'm sorry.”
    I pressed my fists to my eyes. “I've never done anything to her.”
    Dimitri came placed a hand on my shoulder. “I know you feel betrayed but we must get going. There is more than one assassin here to kill you. “Dimitri said.
    I sniffed and wiped my eyes on a handkerchief Dimitri was holding out. “I'm sorry. Your right, we should go.”

    Dimitri and I left the room and walked out onto the crowed streets of Arce. I kept a firm grip on Altair's arm as we weaved through the crowded streets. As we passed the guard guarding the walls to the high class district Dimitri tensed.
    “Act normal.” Dimitri whispered and pulled me to walk at his side, his arm hovering behind my back. The guards seemed to nod at the weird embrace we were in. When we were behind the guards Dimitri sighed.
    “What was that about?” I asked.
    Dimitri shook his head. “Lets just say I'm not their favorite person.” I didn't shake his arm off, I felt comforted like nothing could hurt me. “After we get you to my home, I'm going to send for the tailor.” Dimitri said and pulled on my sleeve. “This must be the only clothing you have.”
    I blushed. “it...is.” I whispered.
    Dimitri chuckled. “Then I shall by you a lavish wardrobe, fit for a princess.”
    I gasped. “Why?”
    “Because you are no longer are going to be know as Ren. From now on your going to be know as Isabella” Dimitri said. I frowned. “i understand that its hard for you to leave your name. But I am here to protect you.”
    it seemed the only thing left that I ever had was being taken from me. First my family and friends, now my name. But if I have a new name I can start a new person.
    “if I have a new name, I can become a different person?” I asked, looking out of the corner of my eye.
    “You can, a fresh start.” Dimitri said. “You can be a new person.”
    I won't be known as Ren the whore. But I'll be known as Isabella a high class lady. No more sleeping with men for money or food.
    “Isabella. Thats a pretty name.” I said.
    Dimitri smiled. “alright Isabella, lets get you home and changed.” Dimitri said, the name rolling off his tongue. We went to the high class district that was sitting on the cliff over. I could already smell the salt water and hear the cry of gulls. Dimitri lead me to a big house that was a pale white with brown trim and it was a 2 story. In the front yard was a big weeping willow tree and a low stone wall going around the house. There was big bay windows all around the house. I gazed in amazement at the house, the house seemed to beckon with protection and warmth.
    “this is your new home Isabella.”Dimitri said. “what do you think about it?”
    “Its beautiful.” I whispered. Dimitri chuckled and pulled me along the stone path. The big wooden door was intimidating, it towered over me. Dimitri didn't even knock on the giant brass knockers. The entrance was grand. The ceiling were high with a crystal chandelier. There was a golden mirror by the open door with a mahogany vanity sitting under it. There was a large golden rug thrown over hard wood floors. There was a marble arch way going each way.
    “Good Graces.” I breathed. A skinny lady with curly brown hair in a white apron and blue gown came from one of the archways and stopped. I froze as her sharp eyes scanned me from head to toe.
    “Master Dimitri? Who is this girl? And why is she dressed in rags?” the lady asked a hint of disgust in her voice.
    “Mary this is one of my good friends sister, Isabella.” Dimitri said. “Her village was burned to the ground and she had no other choice to come here to find her brother. I'm doing him a favor and housing her.”
    The lady's eyes slitted and I shrinked against the gold glare. “How do you do miss. I'm sorry for my appearance.” I said in a loud but small voice.
    Mary's eyes softened. “Well my girl its quite fine. I'm sorry about your village.” Mary said. “My it looks like you've been traveling for days. Would you like a bath?”
    I swallowed. “If its not too much trouble.” I said. “ a bath would be wonderful.”
    Mary chuckled. “No trouble at all. I'll have Roger draw some water from the well.” Mary said then turned and went back through the archway.
    I looked to Dimitri who was smiling. “Do you want me to show you your room Isabella?”
    i smiled and followed Dimitri, ready to face my new life

    To be Continued