• Rhonoa had the look of determination and vigor about her as she strode through the Barrens, the Earthspear slung around her back and the reigns of her faithful Kodo in her paws. The wind blew past her in a torrent as she made haste to the north, under cover of night. As the air blew past her eyes, tears streamed down – both of sadness and of cause by the blistering winds. Only hours earlier, her eyes had fallen upon the limp, un-breathing body of her beloved mate – a sight that she had not easily been rid of since coming upon it. Her thoughts had remained on Huatar, his death…But the spirits, she knew, had told her there was a way to save him. As she looked upon his bloodied body, they spoke to her as she mourned. They spoke of salvation; a chance to bring back what was once lost. As soon as her mission was clear, she took the Earthspear and left Thunder Bluff without any remark, comment, or question.

    She was determined to bring her love back, and she would do anything to make it so.

    She neared the northern mountains, letting a sigh of relief escape her maw. She slowed her lumbering beast to a halt before the base and wasted no time to dismount. She stared up; the mountain was no higher than others in the region, but she could feel some significance. After nodding to herself confirmation that this was, indeed, the mountain where Huatar’s ancestors – and Huatar’s spirit – dwelled. She began the long, and arduous, task of scaling the cragged crevices, quickly moving up the mountainside as if a spider along a wall. Her paws did not miss a single grip as she climbed effortlessly. Soon, she saw the top, or a small plateau situated at the top. She peered over the cliff; her eyes had fallen upon the cave of which was mentioned to her on many occasions. With the Earthspear on her back, he lifted herself over and rose to her hooves on the edge.

    She was here, and now it was time for the challenge.

    With little consideration – only for the survival of her mate – she approached the cave’s entrance. The Earthspear hummed on her back, its runes shimmering more than it ever had. The dancing of spectrums shined along the shaft of the large spear. It was clear to Rhonoa that this was the place; its significance impacted upon the spear. The Tauren Chieftess stepped warily towards the cave, whispers sounding through her mind. Whispers that spoke of death, but also of salvation; she studied the unimpressive, rocky entrance as she went in, a look of awe – aside from sheer determination – across her maw. As she entered, she felt a demanding presence overwhelm her, as if more weight were added upon her hooves. The voices within her heads all increased, and become louder, until all she could hear were the ramblings of what sounded like elder beings. She looked about, warily, eventually reaching for the Earthspear. The glow from the runic shaft lighted the way for her, but as she grasped it a boisterous roar sounded through the caverns. Rhonoa paused, her hooves firmly planted, and the Earthspear now in her paws.

    “…One of another blood wields the weapon…” the voice began to echo about the cavernous wall, “One not of Earthspear.”

    “Intruder upon our sanctum,” another called out.


    As if on cue, four spirits – all Tauren – appeared before her. They seemed old, and wise – elders, maybe? Rhonoa said nothing, the Earthspear still firmly in her grasp.

    “…I sense within her…” the last one that ordered the others to halt their ramblings looked upon Rhonoa stoicly, “…I sense our blood…Within her womb…”

    “Our legacy,” the others answered simultaneously, their voices resonating in the darkness.

    Rhonoa nodded and relaxed her grip, “I am Rhonoa Ironhoof, Chieftess of the Ironhoof Tribe…Mate of Huatar Earthspear.”

    One smiled at her, “Ah…You carry my son’s child.” The spiritual essence moved forward in a graceful stride. It held a reassuring smile – the kind a father would give to a son. Rhonoa finally understood and steeled herself.

    “You are Grimn…His father?” she asked, though she already knew the answer. The spirit nodded.

    “Aye…I am…It gives me heart that my son had found love…” he sighed, which made Rhonoa blush slightly, “I know what has happened, dear daughter…We, in these halls of our Ancestors, have all felt the impact that was what was to be considered the end of our bloodline. We have all felt our great son’s spirit enter into this world…”

    Rhonoa nodded, “I was told to come here…Told…” she looked across the elder gathering, “By one, one of you among us…”

    “Aye…” one other said, stepping forward, his voice deep with the sense of pride and honor behind it, “I was the one to have contacted you…”

    Rhonoa knew who this was, as well…Huatar had told many stories of this single figure, to her and others, as legends. The single Tauren to bring together his tribe.

    Bronn Earthspear was now looking upon her. She bowed, graciously, as she discovered this fact. Bronn chuckled audibly, “Stand, great daughter. Among family, there is no need to fall to Shu’Halo customs.” Rhonoa did as told. “As the Earthspear blood was dropped upon the earth, we had been released from our confines of the spear, our spirits returning to where we had always resided for generations. But now, one other joins us in these hallowed halls. One who has wielded the spear with more honor, and pride, than any other before him. His spirit now dwells within our halls, but must be found. As it was long before his time, he is trapped until he is freed.”

    Rhonoa raised an eyebrow, “I…I had thought the Earthspear would…?”

    “It can, and it will,” Grimn spoke, “But my son’s spirit must be found, before anything can be done. Only when he is found may he withstand any chance of return. Return to you, to your unborn child. Return to his people, which he has so proudly led,” Grimn looked upon Rhonoa, “Daughter, you are the one who must go and find it.”

    A game of hide and seek, she thought to herself. She nodded, though, ready to undertake anything if it meant bringing the one she loved back from the dead, “Where will I begin?”

    The four spirits parted ways to reveal a dark opening behind them, “Enter the caverns, great daughter, and undertake the trials of the Earthspear. Prove to us all that you will do what is necessary to bring him back.”

    Rhonoa did not hesitate. She walked past the spirits, Earthspear in hand, and entered the darkness.

    “Go, and continue our line…Together, with your love…Return with our great son…”