• The Class that Never Ended

    Mike Schubert and Jonathan Withers got to their designated deconstruction site at approximately thirty-two minutes passed eight in the morning. Jon walked up to the old door of the school they were supposed to tear down. Jon opened the door and took a quick look around the school, gathering everything that still could be used. Noticing that Jon was taking an awful long time, Mike went in to find his partner. Jon tried to pick up a large stack of paper on a desk, but it wouldn’t move. In his head he thought he heard someone say “Wait! I didn’t finish it yet!” Jon got scared and left the paper alone, he dropped the things he was holding and ran out of the class room and down the hall.
    Jon ran, and ran but when he got to the place where he thought the door was, he saw the door wasn’t there. He turned the corner and kept running when he heard “No running in the halls!” When he turned around, Jon saw that his partner had said that. Jon sighed and started to walk to Mike saying “You scared me there… I thought there was a ghost chasing me.” Mike gasped and pointed behind Jon. Jon then turned around to see the ghost of the principle staring at them. “That’s enough you two… now get to class.” She then grabbed Jon and he fell unconscious and Mike screamed and ran down the hall.
    Mike eventually got tired and fainted… falling into the arms of one of the ghost teachers. An hour later both of the men woke up and a big tall man with a giant ruler was standing in front of them, and they were sitting in desks. “Welcome to detention, boys… you’ll be here for a while till you learn your lesson.” said the man. The men tried to scream, but fear had overcome them. They noticed other ghost students sitting in the room near them.
    Days later a school bus arrived on the old school campus. The bus dropped off twelve children, and then it quickly sped off away from the school, as if the driver was afraid of it. The first to come off the bus where two girls, named Ashley and Megan, after came a group of three friends Jeffry, Alice, and Sally, all of them still talking on and on.
    After the group were two chuckling, trouble making teenagers Jamie and David, and following them was a hyperactive boy named Max, who ran straight to the front of the school in awe “WOW! It looks like one of those places from my ghost hunting books.” This made Jamie and David laugh “What a dork!” Then after a boy and a girl were holding hands came after whose names were Rick and Macy. Following them was a lonely boy named Jared, who happened to be the son of Mike Schubert, who was still grieving the loss of his father. Last was a Goth girl named Sarah, who grinned when seeing the old and tattered school.
    The children went inside the school, trying to find their classes. When they finally found their class they sat in the desks and waited for the teacher and other students to come in. Some of them started to get impatient ant left the class room and stayed outside. Max then decided to explore the school, with Sara trailing behind him. David and Jamie decided to goof off and destroy some of the property, since they noticed there were no cameras, and no one to actually stop them. Rick and Macy stayed in their class and decided to make out. The twins walked around the class room checking out the old materials.
    As Max and Sara explored the school they found the library, and they walked in. They started looking through the shelves for ant interesting books. David and Jamie got bored of destroying the schools property they decided to see if they can find the cafeteria. The group of three thought they heard some one say “Get in the class or you’ll have detention!” They searched the hall they were in but they found no one so they decided to stay outside of the room. The couple finished making out and rick decided to leave the classroom to see if any other people or the teacher were coming. The twins decided just to take out the text books and to start studying just incase the teacher finally came in.
    In the library Max and Sara found tons of books they thought were interesting, so they brought the books to the counter and Sara rung the table bell and said, “Hello is there anybody here? We want to check out some books…” All they heard was a “shhhhhh” sound, like as if it was an echo from long ago. So David and Sara just decided to leave with the books. Max turned the doors handle and tried to open it but it wouldn’t open. “No one checks books out from this library!” Said someone from behind them, and they turned around to see who it was but it was to late…
    Jamie and David finally found the cafeteria and they went inside. David raced Jamie to the serving line and grabbed a tray and looked under the serving buckets for food. “What the heck… there’s no food here!” David said as he threw his try to the floor. “They must of not taken the food out then… lets check in the back.” Said Jamie as he jumped over the serving counter, David following behind. They searched the big freezer in the back of the cafeteria and found a lot of food. “Gross!” Yelled Jamie, holding a piece of shriveled meat. “Every thing is all moldy and shriveled and disgusting…” Jamie looked back at David “C’mon lets get out of here and go home… I’m starving!” “Yea this was a terrible idea…” The boys went to open the freezer door… but the handle was frozen solid and they banged on the big door screaming, “Please, anyone! Help us out! Were stuck in the freezer, HELP!” Through the window they saw a ghastly figure of a cafeteria lady who glared at them, and then walked away.
    Jeffry, Alice, and Sally were still sitting outside of the classroom when they heard someone say “That’s it… your all going to detention!” They looked around and saw a man in a suit walking towards them. The kids stood up and looked at each other. “But sir… there’s no one in the classroom, not even a teacher.” Said Alice, but then suddenly they were all turned around involuntarily and started walking down the hall. “No buts, you ignored my order so now you’re going to detention.” Said the man following them. Jeffry tried to hold onto a door handle but he couldn’t stop walking, and ended up hurting himself. “Help! I can’t stop moving!” Sally reached out and tried to help but her arms fell to her sides. Alice started to cry and screamed “What’s happening to us!?” “It’s not my fault you chose to get in trouble…” said the man as he opened the detention room door and they walked in.
    Ashley tried to stop reading her book so she could get a drink of water but she couldn’t move her head from over the book. “Meg… I can’t move my head away from the book…” She said as Megan tried to look at her. “I can’t either! What’s happening?” “I don’t know... but I do not like this…” sniffled Ashley. They heard a voice say “Good students should never stop studying... and neither should you two.” Scared Meg screamed “Who said what and why are you doing this to us!?” “Because your good students” replied the ghostly teacher.
    Rick came back into the classroom and looked at Macy and said “Hey lets get out of here… I don’t think any thing is going to happen, and I didn’t see anyone either.” Macy stood up and too Rick’s hand and followed him out of the room. As they walked down the hall too the door they didn’t see any one. “Where are the others that we came on the bus with? I mean... our teacher didn’t come so theirs probably didn’t either right?” Rick nodded, and then they heard a loud scream. Frightened they ran towards the door. They tried to open it but it was locked. They yelled and banged on the door but no one opened the door. The ghost had gotten to them.

    Outside of the school Jared thought he heard screams and repeated banging, but he didn’t care and just sat in the seat on his father’s truck that was left there a few days earlier. He cried and held the steering wheel and said “Why dad why… why did you have to go in there…” Then he put the keys in the ignition and drove away from the school, leaving it to enjoy its victims. He wanted to get as far away from the place as possible, knowing that this is where his dad had died…