It's strange...the very person you're fighting with could be the very person you're based off of.

    As soon as the word "blood" passed Mayura's lips, Kai and Kira were standing in front of Ai and me in an instant. Both were standing in a protective position with growls rumbling through their chests. Mayura only rolled her eyes and uncrossed her arms and shifted her weight again. Kai reached back and held a firm grasp on my hand and I stood close to him.

    "It's only a sample," Mayura frowned and complained.

    "Neither you or your lover will touch her," Kai hissed.

    "How do we know he won't become addicted?" Kira hissed as well.

    "Oh, relax, you guys, you're so pathetic," Mayura waved them away but neither Kai or Kira moved.

    I tugged on Kai's hand, "We can't get what we want unless we give her what she wants,"

    "I'm not handing you over to his filthy hands," Kai hissed and glanced back at me.

    I ripped my hand out of Kai's and stormed past him, only to have him pull me back by my hand, "Kai, let me go!"

    "I'm not going to have you killed," he started to raise his voice, his eyes shifting to red.

    "Kai, I want to help Ai," I pleaded. "I trust he won't kill me; if it gets out of hand then you can attack." I openly told Kai, knowing both Mayura and Hitoshi were listening.

    Kai's grip loosened on my hand but the anger and distrust of the lovers never left his eyes. A subtle growl continued to vibrate through his chest and I slowly stepped over to Mayura. She only smiled softly with a hint of evil behind it. She pushed my hair back behind my neck and ran her fingers over the edge of my neck, observing my bruises that were almost gone. Chills ran up and down my spine repeatedly as Mayura continued to caress her fingers against my neck.

    "Don't fret; it won't hurt too much." she grinned sinisterly.

    Before I was able to back out, Hitoshi had gripped my bicep roughly and pulled me over to where he was standing. My heart was pounding in my throat and my stomach was in knots. I could very well be killed by Hitoshi if he sampled any more than one swig of my blood. I didn't even know if he was doing it for immortality or not. With one swift movement, I was pinned against the large window outside of Kai and mine's bedroom. Kai and Kira took one step forward and Mayura instantly drew out her gun.

    "Either one of you move and a bullet's through your head," she hissed with the same grin.

    Hitoshi moved my hair off of my neck and pressed his nose and mouth against my neck and inhaled deeply. I clenched my sweaty fists and waited nervously. After another second, Hitoshi's fangs plunged into my still-bruised neck and it caused me to wince. Kai's hands twitched and he breathed deeply, ready to attack if Hitoshi got carried away. When Hitoshi bit me, he bit me with his top and bottom rows of teeth. I had double the penetration marks and it almost felt as though he was trying to tear a giant chunk of my skin out. By far, it was the worst-feeling bite I had ever gotten from a Vampire.

    My groans of pain and my failed attempts at trying to push him off only seemed to entice him more and he bit a little harder and drank a little heavier. My adrenaline was gradually kicking in and I started to struggle a little more with every second. My groans grew louder and I furiously started pulling at Hitoshi's hair--knowing he was getting carried away--and nearly knocking me into unconsciousness.

    "You said it would only be a sample!" Kai shouted at Mayura.

    "Oh fine," Mayura rolled her eyes. "Hitoshi, that's enough."

    Hitoshi immediately ripped his teeth out of my skin and released me, causing me to instantly drop to my knees on the ground on the verge of passing out. Kai rushed over to me and cradled me in his arms just before I fell over. In front of me, Mayura and Hitoshi were having a quiet discussion to themselves. With every few seconds, Hitoshi would steal a glance at my still bleeding wound and Kai would growl defensively.

    "Arisa, I told you not to let him do that," Kai lectured silently.

    "I'm still alive, right?" I smirked sarcastically.

    "How very interesting," Mayura propped her hands on her hips and glanced at me. "You're more queer than I anticipated."

    "Just shut the Hell up unless you tell me about Ai so we can kill you already!" I shouted rudely.

    "You and I are oh so much alike," Mayura smirked.

    "Bullshit," I hissed. "You're a crackhead."

    "Curious?" Mayura's face grew serious and angry. "We're alike because I'm the last girl with the special blood!"

    At that, my heart stopped for a moment and restarted once Kai gasped a "what?" directed towards Mayura. The night was filled with silence and Mayura only continued to stand defensively with the anger still on her face. So that was why Hitoshi needed a sample? To see if my blood was really like Mayura's?

    "Your blood smells nothing like Arisa's," Kai hissed.

    "That's because I'm a Succubus, you dumbass," Mayura hissed back. "You, girl, are my reincarnation."

    "That's bullshit; you sound so corny." I smirked.

    "Oh?" Mayura's eyebrows arched in amusement. She pointed over at Ai. "It was her father who killed me. It was him who sucked me dry for goddamn immortality."

    I whipped my head around to stare at Ai and she hid behind Kira, "Ai...?"

    "The reason I came back was because I want revenge," Mayura sneered. "I figured I shouldn't kill her father directly but kill what he loves most."

    "But Ai hasn't seen her father in over a year," I breathed.

    Mayura's eyebrows arched up in amusement again and she scrunched her lips together, "Then I suppose I shouldn't kill the child yet but use her to get to her father?"

    "You wouldn't dare," I hissed.

    "You have no clue what I'm capable of," Mayura grinned.

    "And you obviously had no clue what Hisao was capable of," Kai mumbled to Mayura.

    At that second, Mayura's face fell into apathy and she stood with her arms crossed. Her finger on the trigger of her gun twitched a few times but never fired a bullet. Kira continued to defend Ai, gradually leading her to the front door. Mayura only sighed and pressed some of her fingertips against her forehead.

    "Hisao; how dare you say his name." Mayura sneered.

    "Hisao?" I glanced up at Kai.

    "He's the last Vampire who gained immortality," Kai mumbled while looking away from me with guilt in his complexion. "He's pretty much the one who bound me under the contract."

    "Oh, so you two are bound under a contract? Lucky." Mayura scoffed. "I was attacked unexpectedly; nearly torn apart limb from limb by that rotten man's fangs. There wasn't a drop of my blood left after he was finished with me."

    "So you're the one over two hundred years ago who was sucked dry?" Kai interrogated.

    "Yakamori, Mayura," she nodded. "Murdered mercilessly; nobody knew the cause, although some paranoid people assumed a Vampire."

    "You can't be serious," I panicked, losing my authority. "I can't be you."

    "It's corny, yes, but it's only so true," she smirked. "Maybe someday, after you die, you could end up exactly like me as I am today."

    The anger boiled up inside of me even more. It was strange, though; most reincarnations would have some sort of spiritual relationship but with me, I wanted nothing more than for Mayura's head to roll onto the ground. As soon as Mayura turned her head to speak with Hitoshi silently, I felt around for the biggest rock I could--the rocks bordering the house--and I chucked it with all of my strength at Mayura. Luckily, it nailed her square in the right temple and nearly knocked her to the ground. There was a cry from Ai and half a second later I was rammed into the wall from Kai running into me from Hitoshi running into him, trying to get to me. Hitoshi ran into Kai again--almost as though he was trying to break him apart like a door--and Kai's head rammed into the wall of the house. Kai pulled his head back a little and there was a small but noticeable crater in the brick wall of the house. A hit like that would have definitely killed a human.

    "Kira! Get Ai inside!" I shouted, still being shielded by Kai.

    Kira quickly picked up Ai and teleported into the house. Hitoshi never even bothered to follow them; he was too busy trying to get past Kai to kill me. Kai seemed to be struggling more with trying to shield me than to push him off. That wasn't good; Akatsuki had warned us that a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid would be stronger than most Vampires. Don't tell me Kai was going to be overpowered...

    I glanced behind Kai and Mayura was only standing with her arms crossed and a smirk painted across her face. She was enjoying the fight between Hitoshi and Kai. Blood seeped out of the wound on her temple where I hit her with the rock and it didn't seem to faze her too much. My attention was averted as soon as Kai turned halfway around to try to push off Hitoshi. Unfortunately, Hitoshi was able to reach around Kai and he clasped his hand around my throat and ran my head onto the wall--luckily it didn't make a crater like Kai's head did but it still hurt like Hell. My vision went black for half a second with the blow to my head and my breathing was slaughtered. Kai's eyes widened and he turned around completely and he managed to finally shove Hitoshi, causing him to release his grip on my throat. After Hitoshi's hand came off of my throat, his talons managed to rip a little into my neck. I fell onto my side on the ground and held my hands on the back of my head, feeling blood trickle between my fingers.

    It was hard for me to concentrate and to keep my vision straight but I was conscious enough to see Kai slam his hand onto Hitoshi's face and delve his fangs into Hitoshi's throat. The last time Kai had bitten anybody in the throat like that was last year as well when that Werewolf boy tried to devour me. The blood spewed and soiled the ground and Kai's skin. Hitoshi's nails dug into Kai's neck and he pulled his hand away, dragging his talons through Kai's throat and it caused Kai to release his fangs from Hitoshi's neck.

    "Hitoshi, enough," Mayura ordered, rubbing her injured temple. "Get me out of here; my head is killing me now."

    Hitoshi immediately eluded Kai and scooped Mayura into his arms. He looked down at her with his complexion half full of apathy and half full of concern. Just as Kai looked as though he was about to pounce, Hitoshi disappeared with Mayura. Kai instantly turned around and compressed his hands on either side of my neck to suppress the bleeding. The night fell silent and I was slowly starting to slip into a shock after finally absorbing the conversation from moments ago. I was the reincarnation of Mayura. Ai's father was a murderer. Ai's father was also the one who bound Kai under the contract. Ai was the child of such a murderer. I was Mayura...