• one afternoon at Caacoon High school In D.C,me and my friend Cara went to get our bags in our lockers,when the prinipal anounced that they would have a new student soon."Might be a G-E-E-K agian.."she murmured under breath.wow i thought,a new student?im so excited! the School doors bursted open,and the sun shined in every-single derection. there,stood a 10th grader,and his ribs were like a movie stars."Holy,C-R-A-P.."I wispererd.his teeth shone like silver shingles in the summer,and Cara fell for him that very momment.every single girl except for me,went over to touch him like he was a new stuffed animal that had strong ribs.he reminded me of Jacob Black,but Jacob Black looked waaayyy damn better than him.he dated Cara first,although Cara wasnt that tall as him.i actully thought that she looked like a 4th grader!he always touched her and one night,he came over and took off HIS shirt in front of us!"oh,my,DAMN."I wispered to her.

    (weeks later..)after a week Cara was crying because Steve dumped her and all OF the rest of the girls!after he dumped everyone,he was more evil.when he saw geeks writing down anwsers,he ripped the paper off the desk and gave the geek his paper.when he saw girls crying,he tapped them on the shoulder and yelled"THIS IS SPARTA b***h!"i actully felt like crying when he said THIS IS SPARTA b***h!.but he neva eva did it to Cara.

    (2-3 Months later..)when it was night time at Caras house,we slept silently until we herd "BOOM!" And "AHHH!!!" And "BLEHU!".we raced to her parents room,and we saw there,in a corner,a dark shadow with Red eyes.it jumped out the window as quick as possible and then we turned on the lights.blood,trailed out the bed,and to were the shadow jumped.we looked in the bed and saw her dad,sliced peperoni peices.i Prayed and said in my head:"Lord,i come to you in jesus's name,please,stop this cearal killer from killing everyone else.jesus's name,ai men.".i cryed and the mom took us to a grave center the next day.

    (A month later...)After we went to school,we noticed when steve went by,he had a chain saw on the side of him and the exact SAME Blood foot prints when her dad had died.when we went to my house,on the news,it said lots of people had been killed and seen killed in bed.we shivered,our spine tingling alot.the next day,when Cara and i were walking to lunch,steve said to Cara"Your next.."and grinned.me and her gulpped.

    THE ENDz (To be continued!!! smile )