• At first I couldn't see anything, but then I felt a tug on my arm. The boy led me to a dark city. The place was so deserted, and of course, more black. There were a few neon lights here and there, but it was still so dead.

    The boy let go of my arm and stopped running. He halted in front of a tall building, with tall steps leading to the giant doors.

    I noticed there was another boy in a dark cloak with a blind-fold over his eyes. His hood was down, so I could see his face, or, at least everything but his eyes. He had white-grayish hair, and looked a little bit older than the boy that saved me.

    The younger boy grabbed my hand and pushed me forward. "I brought her. Now, give me what I asked for."

    The older boy smirked, then tossed a small orange money pouch.

    The other boy caught it. "What's this? This isn't usefull for me."

    "Don't worry, Roxas. It will come in handy in the future." Then, he walked away, into the darkness.

    "R-Riku! Wait! What about the girl?"

    "I don't need her, you're the one that needs her more." Then, he completley disapeared.

    "What?" Roxas whispered to himself.

    I just stood there, not moving from the place where I was. I slowly turned around, and noticed that the boy was on his knees, mumbling to himself.

    I walked over to him, and poked him on the shoulder. " Um-excuse me, but what the heck is going on!?"

    Roxas paused, then aswered. "That's what I'm trying to figure out." After that, he stood up, grabbed my hand, and started runnig, again. "We have to hurry or they'll find us."


    Roxas stopped all of a sudden, then gasped. "The heartless."

    Heartless? What was he talking about?
    Then, I understood what he was talking about. I saw these creatures coming towards us. They were black, with piercing, yellow eyes.

    Roxas stood in front of me to shield. "Don't worry, I can handle them." He then held out his hand and then appeared a, what looked like, a giant key, but it was black with detailed designs on it.
    He ran towards them, and left me in the darkness.