• ________________Chapter two_________________
    0300 hours, March 26, 2568/ Pillar of Autumn /military confinement

    Team Firetrox walked down military confinement as they made their way to the bridge. One door slid open after another. Spark made them take the long way instead of the elevator because she thought she was the one in trouble.
    As they walked in the doorway of the bridge, Spark held Flint out in front of her, in between her and the Captain. “Spark! What are you doing? Put me down!” Flint yelled. Spark let Flint’s feet touch the floor but still held her out in front of her. Datar looked over at Spark hit her on the shoulder. “What?” Spark asked. “Let her go.” He said. Spark let Flint go and she walked behind Spark. Spark looked back up and saw the Captain and said, “ I didn’t kill him!” she backed up to the side of Flint, pointed to her, and said, “She did!” “What? Spark I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” Flint said pushing Spark’s hand away from her face. “Spark,” the Captain started. “What are you talking about?” Everybody stared at Spark. “Nothing.” Spark said as she acted like nothing happened. “You didn’t do anything to Jack again, did you?” Datar asked. “No! OK, maybe.” Datar and Flint stared at her. “…Yes.” Spark said. “But I didn’t kill him!” Spark yelled. “What? Did you tie him up in the gym, again?” Datar asked loud enough for the Captain Keyes to hear, just to try to get her in trouble. Captain Keyes stared at her. “One more strike,” Captain Keyes said. “You already have two.” He held up two fingers and Spark looked at the Captain then at Datar. “You make me sick.” Spark said with a slight shake of her head. Datar started laughing. Spark looked at Datar and he stopped, knowing she would hurt him if he didn’t.
    Flint wondered how she got stuck on the same team as Spark and Datar, and shook her head in disappointment. Flint approached Captain Keyes and saluted, as they should’ve done as they walked onto the bridge. “Spartan C-150, reporting in for your call, sir!” Spark and Datar stopped yelling at each other and did the same. “We got mission updates and I need you three to know about them. But before we do that, I need to talk to Spark, alone.” The Captain said as he paced the floor. As Flint and Datar turned to leave the bridge until the Captain called them back in, Datar paused as he walked by Spark and whispered, “Probation!” Spark elbowed him in the stomach and Flint drug him out of the doorway.
    As the door shut behind them, Spark looked at the Captain and folded her arms. “Spark, I have a project for you.” Another Spartan stepped out from behind him. “Milotic, reporting for duty, ma’am!” Spark looked at Milotic then at the Captain. “Well, have fun.” The Captain said as he walked past her to let Flint and Datar back on the bridge. “What did I do to deserve this?” Spark whispered to herself. Spark turned to the Captain behind her and said, “Cant Shay and Flex teach her all that boring medical crap?” Flex and Shay are Spark’s close friends from when they were still in training. They were on a team together and now they are part of the medical field. Flint and Datar walked back in with the Captain and stopped. “Aw, Spark has a little playmate now!” Flint said trying to bug her. “She’s not my playmate.” Spark muttered under her breath. Milotic turned to Spark and said, “Your Spark? The Spark? You’re the one that put a hole in the elevator when you were trying to hit Flint!” Spark ran over to Milotic and put her hand over her mouth. The Captain turned to Spark and gave her the evil eye. “Ha ha, I don’t even know what you’re talking about!” Spark said with a smile on her face. “Pull that again and your gonna end up like jack.” Spark whispered to Milotic. “Who’s Jack?” Milotic yelled out loud. Spark grabbed her by her arm and drug her off of the bridge. “Hey, were are we going now?” she yelled out again before they walked out of the door.
    A few minutes later, Spark walked back onto the bridge and Milotic wasn’t following her. “Spark, what did you do to her?” Flint asked as Datar ran out of the door to look for her. Datar came back in with Milotic. She had tape over her mouth, legs and arms. “Really?” Datar asked. Captain Keyes looked at Spark. “You’re on probation.” Captain Keyes said as he pointed to her and gave her the evil eye once again.
    They walked over by the Captain and a 3D hologram of the west side of Onyx appeared on the table in front of them. “The Covenant has taken over about half of the west side of Onyx. You are going to land,” the Captain pointed a little ways east. “Forty degrease east. John will be dropped off-” “John is on this mission too?” Spark asked, interrupting the Captain. “Why? What’s wrong with having John on the mission? We’ve known him for as long as we can remember.” Datar said. “And he’s the only one that actually goes to your game nights.” Flint said laughing. Spark had game nights when missions are called off or if they just had the day free. “That’s the problem! Last time I had game night, we played poker and I had the worst hand ever. So now I owe him, a lot.” Spark said. “That’s not a good reason not to go on the mission with John.” Flint said as she looked back at the hologram. “You’re right, I gotta think of some more excuses.”
    They discussed the rest of the plan and they headed to the basement to quickly get their armor replated.