• ‘Jun?! Hey, Jun? Wake up!’
    I glanced up at the woman in front of my desk. Sora. Slight, Chinese, and granddaughter of a minor bull god. And mean.
    I like complaining.
    ‘You’re late for a meeting! Get up! And get dressed! How can you work in pyjamas?!’
    ‘Its actually quite easy.’
    ‘Jun! Get your a** into gear and go to the meeting!’
    ‘All right, all right! Calm down, Sora!’
    ‘Once you are in the meeting I will calm down.’
    I grinned. She looked at me suspiciously.
    ‘Well, I’m late! So I’d better get going, right?’
    She fought with her inner self before sighing and allowing me to walk out of the room. In my pyjamas. Annoying Sora is way to easy. As I walked down the hallway, everyone ignored me. They were too used to me. Or scared. I can’t really tell anymore. But the new interns and transfers will glance up before looking away when I glare at them. All staring at my duckie pyjamas, I mean really! How old are they? Have they never seen a reaper in duckie pyjamas?
    Hehe, okay. I’m weird. But you already guessed that, right? Exactly.
    HaroLd bounced down the long pale hallway filled with interns.
    ‘How do you do?’ He asked one particularly pasty redhead. She paled further and gagged. I laughed loudly. ‘Master!’ HaroLd started, tipping his sharpened head at me. ‘You are late again!’
    ‘So? Its not like they care anyway.’
    I yawned and trudged past him into the meeting room. Aphrodite pounced, pulling me into an awkward hug.
    ‘Hey, baby! What’s happening?’
    ‘Get off me!’
    ‘Hmph! Fine then!’
    She stalked off and left me in peace. I sunk into one of the chairs and Cupid coughed.
    ‘Ahem, Now we are all here, we can start! As you know, Valentines day is coming up, a-’
    ‘Where are the cookies?’
    Everyone turned to look at the feeble lump of a man sitting at the end of the table.
    ‘Turn your hearing aid up, Santa!’
    ‘What are you talking about? Its raining today!’
    This is going to be a long meeting. Maybe I should sleep.