• Broken glass walls

    Lucy slightly put her head on a wall. Tears from her magnicifent eyes fell to the floor beneath her feet. This so called "floor" is the death trp of dreames.

    Lucy gasped as she cut her finger on the wall. She wondered how that happened. Not a single life form lived behind, on, or in these walls. There was one thing microspopic on these walls. Broken glass is what drawed blood from her finger.

    These so called "broken glass" is the pain, and sorrow of the soul who of which cannot escape. Therefore the "Muyfis" or, soul crasher, trys to break the wall to be free.

    Lucy howlled in pain as she fell to the "floor". All her nightmares flew through her mind. Sorrow, pain, blood, tears, cuts, and scratches. All broken parts of her soul. Broke the - now - "BROKEN GALSS WALLS"

    And at that exact moment. Sunday October 21, 2000. She died, with a smiling face. To no longer be tormented by the so called, "God of death" or "Satan"