• . . .3 years later. . .

    Yvany stood there with a baby on her hip with Timothy at her side, just as he's always been since the day they met. She seemed calm but her inside felt as of they were going to be regurgitated in front of everyone. There had been news that the armed men that were in war with the north were coming back and everybody had gathered around in the village to greet the arrivals. When the first man appeared there was an uproar of cries and cheers. A few men followed after until one man had particularlly caught Yvany's eye.
    Justin glanced across the crowd nevously waving and smiling at people. A brunette girl with hazel eyes and a baby set upon her side had met his gaze. His heart rolled over, there was a man standing next to her, a man that he's never seen before. Justin's eyes went back to the baby and a sickening feeling washed over him. Did she forget about me and move on, he wondered. Some of the men departed and so did Justin. He instantly went to Yvany and her random company.
    Yvany was waiting anxiously, Justin couldn't walk any slower. She handed the baby to Timothy and decided to me Justin half way. She walked towards him and as soon as he was in reaching distance she tightly threw her arms around him. He staggered backwards but firmly planted his feet on the ground to keep from falling while holding onto Yvany.
    "I thought I would never see you again." he whispered pressing his lips to her hair. She simply grasped tighter and burried her face into his chest in reply. He closed his eyes and embraced her, afraid this would be the only time he would get to. Just as quickly as it began the moment ended and Yvany turned to Timothy.
    "Justin, this is Timothy." she introduced. Timothy smiled and Justin felt a wave of worry collapse on him. He may not be a prince, but he looks like he should, Justin thought miserably. Timothy's eyes seemed to sparkle as the corners of his mouth played into smiles.
    He ran his fingers through his hair and Yvany thought she might passout. When did Timothy become so charming?, she wondered. She turned back to Justin who had held out his hand so Timothy could shake it. Yvany caught her breath as the sun peeked out from the clouds and hit Justin so perfectly. His dark black hair was messy as if he hadn't been able to get much sleep . His dark eyes were breath taking and thats exactly what they'd done to her. I can't possibly be in love with both of them, she thought.
    Timothy reached to shake Justin's hand and Yvany took the baby. Both of them glanced at her as the baby was curled into her arms. The sun that haad just come out was making her her brown curls shine and her hazel eyes were full of joy as they focused on the baby who was just laughing as she touched the baby's cheek.
    "That baby is beautiful, who's is she?" Justin wondered aloud.
    "Sandra's, she's pregnant with another one at home." Yvany replied looking up to two pairs of eyes that were staring at her, instead of the baby.
    Justin had to bite down hard so he would't go into hysterics from relief.
    "Then we should go see her, don't you think?" Justin inquired.
    "Yes, I think that's a splendid idea." Yvany smiled and she turned around and walked off, leaving Justin and Timothy behind.
    Celia's house appeared from over the hill and Yvany stopped and waited for the other two to catch up.
    "Take Adrianna to Sandra while I feed the chickens." Yvany instructed and handed the baby to Timothy. He took the baby inside and Yvany picked up the chicken feed and began sprinkling it across the ground for the chickens. Justin stood there and watched her. No doubt she was wearing a corsette under a deep red blouse. She also had on a brown skirt that never went past the middle of her calves with a red ribbon tied around her naturally curly ponytail. Heart's blood, that was the name of the color she was wearing. It was the kind of red that's so dark it almost looks black.
    "That's a lovely color, it's called Heart's blood, isn't it?" Justin asked.
    "Yes, it's the color you get when you cut someone deeply in the heart." she replied coldly. He shuddered at her tone.
    "Are you refering to someone who hurt you?" he asked cautiously.
    "Of couse I am, and you might know him fairly well."
    "And who might this be?"
    "Oh, don't play stupid. You know perfectly well who it is." she hissed.
    "And what if I don't?" he challenged.
    "Then you'd be as smart as a ninny." she teased.
    "Then I guess I'm no smarter than a ninny." he grinned. Yvany took a couple of pieces of chicken feed and playfully tossed them at his face.
    "It's you, you moron." she laughed. Justin was happy to see her laugh and smile. He'd thought he may never get to see her smile at him again.