• She must be thinking about everything that happened and what will happen…

    I sat there and didn’t move until I heard Ben stop breathing. I moved and looked at Emma, she just stared at her shoes and pushed up her glasses. I tapped her head, “Ems… whats going to happen?” She didn’t look up and a tear fell upon her shoes, “Oh…that bad.” She nodded and looked up into my eyes. I couldn’t help but cry. I wiped my eyes before they all spilt over. My voice cracked, “Im gunna take a walk…don’t wait up.” I walked to the coat rack by the front door and grabbed my coat, “Jay…want me to come?” I turned to see Ben’s face concerned I just shook my head no. I opened the door and my hand was grabbed. I turned to see Ben’s eyes staring at me, “Jay, don’t talk to anyone you don’t know… I have a feeling something is going to start tonight.”
    I looked at him, “I know, I felt the same.” I brought his grasp and pulled my hood up and walked away. I put my hands in my jacket pocket and found my ipod. I put my headphones in my ears and kept walking. I felt the wind brush across my face and I stopped to watch the moon. I always had an interest in the moon. I kept on walking and after a while I saw the park. The park was a mile away, I sat down on the swing and listened to my ipod and watched the moon. I swung back and forth, I had been through so much but some how I survived all of it. I let only light tears fall and now alone I could cry all I wanted. I walked to the slide and hide inside it and cried. I felt the pain rip in my chest. I turned my ipod up so I couldn’t hear myself. I wiped my tears and continued, after a while I slowly stopped. I looked at my ipod and saw the battery on red, I turned it off and slid down the slide. I wiped my eyeliner back into place and turned around to see a boy standing there. He was taller then me and had black hair with red on its tips. He stared at me and I just glared back, “What.” No questions, just a stern statement. He looked at me, “Why were you crying? It was loud.”
    I rolled my eyes and started to walk away. I didn’t give a whoot what he thought, he could say he met a moody teenage girl. Footsteps were behind me and I stopped and sighed annoyed, “Go away, you don’t want to talk or see me.”
    “Why is that? Stay talk to me.” I scoffed and kept walking, “Hey, Im talking to you.” I just threw my hand up and waved it off, “STOP! You shouldn’t be so rude little girl.”
    My grabbed my wrist and of cross my instincts kicked in. I punched him and kicked him to the ground. My foot was on top of his chest as it pounded up and down fastly, “You shouldn’t think a girl is not strong.” I took my foot off, “Again, you don’t want to know me.” He sat up and I walked away. I did him good, he should be smarter now. He shouldn’t go around thinking he is tough or what not. I shook my head and put my hands to my face. I need to do something about my life. I need it to go a way I can handle, a way I will be happy with. The lights where off when I reached my house, I opened the door to find Ben laying on my couch. I bent down over him and looked at him. He really was handsome, I just couldn’t look at him in a romantic way. I stood up and walked into the kitchen to find the answering machine blinking. I went to it and pressed the button. The first was from my father, “Jayne. Jayne, you cant ignore me anymore…we need to talk. Look don’t be mad but im having people track you so if you have any problems they are there. Don’t worry they are-”
    I cut off his message, “Shut up.” Was all I spoke. The next was from my aunt, “Jayne-baby, call your father. He is just concerned about you. Please, at least call me. By sweetheart.”
    The last came on it was Ben’s brother, “Hey Jayne’s phone. Guess you guys are out, tell Ben that mom and dad are going out of town they got a free cruise to Mexico. Im throwin a party so-”
    He got cut off by someone answering, it was Ben, “Hey James. So whats with this cruise?”
    “Oh Ben, erm yeah they got it today and called the agency and they told them the cruise was all expense paid and was for like two weeks or whatever.”
    “Kay, hey you are having a party?”
    “Yeah, your not invited. Hey you think Jayne will mind if you stayed there for-”
    “Let me guess Genie is coming over for the two weeks.”
    “Haha yeah. Hey gotta go, people are coming.”
    That was the end of their conversation. That’s odd that Ben would pick up and talk. I went up to Emma’s room to make sure she was in her room. Always working, she wasn’t there. I sighed I walked down to her study and she wasn’t there, “That’s odd, where is she.” My brow furrowed, I looked around and couldn’t find her. I walked into my room and she was sitting on my bed. She was bent over her computer typing madly. I sat on my bed and pulled off my shoes, “Ems, go to sleep.”
    “Eh?” She didn’t move, “I..Im uh working..on the last known resident of the cross-bread king.” She turned around and looked at me, “Wanna go to the library with me, tomorrow of course.”
    “Uh… sure?” She laughed and walked out of my room. I looked at my closet and pulled out an old shirt and slipped it on along with some pajama shorts. I climbed into my bed and fell asleep.


    “Yes, of course sir.” I hung up with Immortal Geridice. He had told me he wanted me to follow a young woman named Jayne. She was the keeper of the immortal secret. I had no choice but agree. I sat down in my four walled little window room. I sat on my bed remember our first conversation.
    I was outside at dawn watching the sunset when I received the call. I flipped my phone open, “Hello.”
    “Carter Logan? This is Immortal Geridice.”
    “Yes this is. What can I do for you Mr. Geridice?”
    “Please don’t be formal, call me dice. I like it better it sounds cooler.” He laughed as if he thought he was cool.
    “Alright, dice. What do you need?”
    “Yes, I need you to track down Miss. Jayne. She is the keeper of the immortal secret. You will know when you see her, she is strong…very strong. She has blonde hair, at the moment. Just stay in the shadows, until you believe she needs your help. I shall send you the payment each month.”
    “Yes, sir. Its five hundred a month.”
    “Alright, that’s fine. Ive heard you are the most trustworthy one to have on an important case.”
    “Yes sir that is what I have been told, you don’t mind im a vampire?”
    “I trust you. You are one of the very few that have a shred of humanity still.”
    “Alright sir, we have a deal.”
    We hung up and now, I will never leave the shadows until I am needed. I am bound to the shadows that once was my friend but now I fear. I will now live to protect her. I don’t even know her. My life, its to complicated to explain but I will one day regain my humanity to its fullest. I do not want to have to relay on that red substance. I opened my closet to find a pearl white refrigerator that I know contains packets of blood…