• Chapter 1.

    I raise my head. I look up into the starry night. I huff. I look down. I hear a whole pack howl. I feel a tight pull in my chest. I howl painfully back. I whimper then, and lower my head into my paws. I let out a painful tear, and then another.

    I was separated from my family, and my life. If my pack leader Kunji could have accepted that I was stronger and that I would be a better leader, none of this would be happening to me. But he didn’t believe that. So I was all alone. Away from my sister, and worst of all, my new family. I had started a family, and now I wasn’t even able to watch them grow. I got up, sensing that they were coming to the watering hole, and took off.

    Being all alone isn’t all that bad though… it’s lonely, but you get used to it. And you push through the worst thing of all; the pain. You learn to survive. You learn to deal with the hardships of the people with the guns. You learn to fight back.

    As i run, a bullet strikes me in the side. I fall with a thud. I huff, try to stand, and fall back down. I am paralyzed, or for the moment. I see a man come up, and he beats me. I fake my own death, to get him away from me, and that seemed to work. I lay there, a useless lump. I actually begin to sob. Why was my life like this? Why did I have to be kicked out of my pack?

    Because I'm different. That's why. I am not like any of my pack. Or, was not like any of my pack. I sense more humans. I close my eyes. I try to stop sobbing, and I fail. The humans see me, and pick me up. I have lost the ability to move my legs. I snap at them, but they don’t flinch. A woman is with them, she has green hair and eyes, but the green was more of an aquamarine color. What kind of human is she? Aquamarine hair and green eyes? I think. She is wearing a blue dress with ought straps. She looks cold, and her eyes are very… wild. Like a wolf’s eyes.

    “Alright pretty girl, when it gains movement, I’ll unleash it on you, if you can tell it to not charge at you with your eyes, I’ll believe you’re a god.” The man holding me says. The woman nods. I feel my paws. Then my legs. I blink, and then struggle to stand. I know the drill. I leap at her, snapping. She takes a step back.

    Stop. Please, I am your friend. I hear in my mind.

    “Who are you?” I snarl.

    I am your friend. I am the goddess of the wolves, and I want to protect them. They are going extinct, Yuku. Soon, there will be no wolves around, and I will become weak and disappear. I will give you the power to hide in a human form once your entire old pack dies. They are the largest pack in the world. If they die, the rest will as well. The goddess says. I dip my head.

    The men behind you are hunters. The one holding you was the one that killed your mother. Kill him. You seek revenge, no? The goddess says. I turn around. I lunge at the man with huge arms, and his legs are tiny. Idiot. I easily knock him off balance, and bite his chin.

    “What did you tell this thing?!” the man shrieks.

    “The truth. You killed his mother, No?”

    “Yes…” he says.

    “Then you shall die!” I snarl. I bite his throat, and blood went everywhere. I clench down harder. And harder, until tooth comes to tooth. I rip up, and then spit out his voice box, or whatever I’d just ripped out of him. I stand there, huffing. Angry about my mother’s death. Wishing I was with her. I had to grow up, fast. Imagine you’re a wolf, a pup that depends on his or her mother for food, warmth, and happiness. Now imagine that was taken away from you, and no other mother accepted you as their own. I had to do that. I had to learn how to hunt, how to fend for myself.

    I turn around. I stare at the goddess. My heart longs for my family. I let out a pitiful howl. I hear her start to cry. I look over, and she is.

    “Stick with me Yuku. I will give you a family. I will be your family.” She says. I wag my tail. She turns, and walks away. I fallow, interested. She pats my Jet black fur and looks into my sapphire blue eyes. She smiles.