• Gabrielle opened her eyes and sat up on her big, soft bed. Stupid dreams, she thought, trying to be braver than she truly felt. She was shaken, really. The recurring nightmare reminded her of things she would rather forget. Sighing, she glanced at the clock on her bedside table and swore. She was late, yet again, for her singing gig at her favorite club. She got up quickly and got to her closet. She picked her clothes carefully, making sure not to show too much skin. Too much skin and her boss would have a field day. And that shithead thinks he can actually have me, she thought, scowling. Gabrielle picked up her keys, put them in her pocket and sailed out the door.

    She walked quickly, ignoring the people on the street. They all moved out of her way as she passed, staring at her impossibly beautiful face, pale and flawless except for the small scar on her right eyebrow. She turned hastily into the dark alley where the back entrance to the club was found. The huge man who acted as a guard nodded slightly to her and she smiled slightly in response. Late again, the man thought. Gabrielle scowled as she walked into the club and saw the paunchy, slightly-balding manager approach her screaming. “Hey you! Gabrielle! You’re late again!” He was turning red as he shouted at her. Gabrielle’s eyes narrowed and she arched her eyebrow at the short man. She waited for him to finish yelling at her. “The next time you’re late, you are going to get down on your knees and start begging me not to fire your a**! You got that?” Gabrielle gnashed her teeth in anger as she heard the fantasies in her boss’s mind about her on her knees.

    “Listen to me, you scumbag,” she said, grabbing the man by the collar and pushing him up against the wall. “People come to this club to hear me sing. This club would be nothing without me.” She smirked as she felt the man’s fear. He was actually starting to get scared of her. “You. Don’t. Talk. To me. That. Way. Got it?” She let go of him and he slid to the floor, looking up at her in fright. She brushed herself off and started to walk towards the stage. When she was within ten steps of the stage, she stopped. “And please don’t delude yourself into thinking you’ve got a chance in hell with me,” she said scathingly, without looking back. She continued on and waved to the people as she grabbed her mic.

    “So don’t love me discontent
    Like your love is spent
    When I’m lying alone
    Baby, where is your home?
    You’re looking for me, it’s all for free
    I got love to kill for my man of steel.”

    Gabrielle belted out the words like she was in an arena packed with millions of people. It was why people came to see her. She always tried her best to put on a good show. She looked out at the crowd, dancing around and singing along. It made her feel good that she had this effect on people. It probably helped that they rarely see saw her out and about. I bet if they knew why, they wouldn’t come anymore, she thought bitterly.

    She smiled and waved at the crowd as she finished her set. She announced a brief break and turned to her bassist. “It’s a good turnout tonight, Carl,” she said loudly, trying to talk over the club music. The other band members had walked off the stage for their cigarette breaks.

    “Yeah,” replied Carl, smiling at her. “You were great, as usual, Gabrielle.” Carl had a thing for her. Gabrielle could sense it even without her telepathy. It was just too obvious. Well, sorry Carl, she thought. I’m probably not your type. She shrugged modestly and smiled prettily at the bassist. She tried not to wince as she heard Carl’s thoughts. Ironically, although Carl was much nicer than her dirtbag boss, his thoughts also consisted of her on her knees. She grimaced at him and walked off the stage to mingle with the club patrons.