• there was once a little boy who's mother neglected him he had to kiss his own cuts cook his own food and wash his own clothes there was even days when the boy had to pay the rent while his mother was passed out drunk on the couch the little boy grew madder and madder so one day he told his mother while he washed the dishes that he was leaving she didn't believe him and he said no then i guess u can leave ......the earth and the little boys eyes reddened as he pounced on his mother his skin grew pale his nails dug into her skin she screamed and nobody heard don't even bother no one can hear the mother screamed as her skin was scratched and bled and harmed she was on the ground the boy eventually was satisfied with his work and left her to suffer on the floor the boy quickly packed his stuff and left the door open so practically the whole apartment building could hear many rushed out but the boy was quicker and fled from the scene with the money he stole from his mother and the money he earned at his job (it was an over the phone job) it totaled to be 40000 dollars (he hadn't spent any of the money he earned ever)the mother was treated but was parallelized and traumatized the boy bought a small house and found a new mother one that abused instead but the boy didnt mind (he didnt even feel pain during beatings) cause he knew eventually what would happen if she didnt change
    The end