• *a cold dusty day in the sand village while the kazakage Gaara is missing*
    Kid:momma were Gaara-sama?
    Mother: i dont know but lets go.
    Geniun: What about chiyo dose she know?
    Geniun2: i doubt it she hasnt said much after fight sasori.
    Geniun3: ya but i bet Gaara-sama is fine i meen after all hes the kazakage.
    Geniun:ya lets go back in side we need to take a test.
    *at the outskirts of the sand village*
    Sakura: so chiyo were staying here?
    Chiyo: yes for now.
    Sakura: can we see gaara-sama?
    Chiyo: i dont know were he is none of us do.....
    Sakura: what?! y is that u should know!
    Chiyo: he disapeard in the night but we all suspect hes fine.
    Sakura: mmm i hope ur right.....
    *3 days pass at chiyos house*
    *knock knock.....knock*
    Chiyo: hmmm who could it be....
    *she opens the door to see gaara on the floor bleeding with his sand bairly moving*
    Chiyo: Gaara-sama!
    *she helps him up and in side and starts to heal is wounds*
    Chiyo: what happend? hmmm his eyes havnt changed so shukaku didnt take over.
    *Sakura enters threw the window*
    Sakura: what! gaara-sama !
    Chiyo: hes hurt badly give me a hand.
    Sakura: Yes
    *they both are healing him*
    *2 days pass while gaara is in bed wrapped in bandages*
    Chiyo: hmmm he seems to be fine.
    Sakura: i hope so is there any thing we can do more?
    Chiyo: unfortunitly no not at the moment.
    Sakura: so we leave him here?
    Chiyo:yes un till he....
    Sakura:say some thing!
    Gaara: there....c...c...coming
    Chiyo: who?
    Sakura: o no
    Gaara:get me to the Kazakage building.
    Chiyo and sakura: yes
    *they take him to the building and gaara informs that he is alright and they need to get ready for an atk*
    [=]End of part 1[=]