• 2057. The world changed for the worst. After the many warnings of global warming and pollution, human kind still acted ignorant. They built more factories, more machines and more destruction. Although some people actually believed they should live to care for the planet instead of using it. These people were lower class humans who lived in their small homes with no vehicles, they liked it like that. The rich upper class humans saw the world as a building ground though; every piece of green had to be filled without a doubt. After so many years plant life was slowly dying and the planet was being destroyed, not to mention in this condition it didn’t look beautiful at all. This has been happening for so long people have lost hope, nothing was going to change and soon enough the human race would just end.
    But then again the human race was never capable in believing in legends and stories. So this is my story about the world I found through difficult eyes. I saw something else in the world after the people I met, the experiences I had. This world I found I somehow wanted to save. Through my hope others began to believe. One thing I cannot explain to you, if I am human or a monster. It’s been a puzzle to me for a very long time, so I will let you make the decision for yourself.

    All I knew at the time was that I had been sleeping for so long. My guess was that it would have been about seventeen years or something around about that, I was just guessing because of how I looked at the time. When I woke up it was like I was born. I’d forgotten everything before then, my birth, my family, everything. I didn’t even know if I had a real birth like every normal person, which sounds very disturbing. My purple eyes opened up to a dark grey ceiling starring down at me. Something cold, metal like sat underneath me, it easily gave me goose bumps. My muscles ached as they began to wake up after the long sleep. Slowly I tried to push myself up off the metal table but I couldn’t move far. Two black straps went across my body, holding me to the table tightly. One was placed just underneath my neck and the other was just above my ankles. For a moment I struggled. I had no clue where I was or what was happening, what was my name? My struggling seized when I saw something catch my attention in the distance. It was a light. The only light in the room, it was blinking annoyingly, enough to keep someone awake all night. After every flash I tried to observe the room around me. It wasn’t that big, now I think about it, it does remind me of a small hospital room but dark and more unhygienic. For me this was my birth place, this small room with a horrible aroma. As my head turned to examine the room, I looked back at myself and only just noticed wires and small tubes were stuck on my body and connected to various machines. My mind began to race. These things were inside me, monitoring me. Was I being experimented on? It had to be some kind of a joke. One of the machines on my right began to beep an alarm. My heart beat was going too fast for me to catch up. I didn’t move for minutes. I just decided to stare back at the ceiling while my heart panicked. Was anyone going to come? Wasn’t anyone going to save me?
    After fifteen minutes I couldn’t lay patiently anymore. I tried sitting up as much as I could, I knew the straps wouldn’t let me go. But I could move my hands and lower arms freely. My right arm reached across my body towards the wires on my left arm. I got a hold of all three wires at once and then without thinking, I sharply pulled the wires from my arm. The pain was awful. It was like the wires were actually a part of my body but I knew they weren’t of course. Blood slowly dribbled to the side from my arm. Before I could do anything else I had to put my head back on to the table to prepare myself for the next arm. As my head lifted back up I saw a dim light switch on in the hallway. Luckily the door with a small window was placed in front of me.
    Before I could think, five people came racing in to the room. They all wore the same uniforms, which were mainly white suits with a long white coat. Four of them were men and the last was a woman. All of them tried to put the wires and tubes back in to my arm rather quickly. Two of them held me down to the metal table as I struggled like mad. I hadn’t been so scared in my life before. So many thoughts were running through my head. I didn’t want to be in pain anymore, I thought to myself.
    “Get off me!” The words escaped from my mouth. Just after the words exited, a strong gust of wind sent all the stranger flying back in to the wall. All of them sat of lay on the ground unconscious. You could see dints and markings of where they had smashed in to the wall. I wondered if that strange energy was me but I didn’t move any part of my body to make it happen. I sat there puzzled for a few seconds. It only just clicked that the strange wave of energy had made the straps explode in to pieces. Freedom, I could move. My feet touched the stone cold ground. Now I could see what I was wearing. Very plain grey short sleeved shirt and shorts. I couldn’t help observing a name tag on one of the humans. Their name meant nothing to me, underneath it read ‘Savant Studies.’ That would be useful in the future. My eyes left the small card and I went to the open doorway, the door had been thrown off its hinges. The window that was once on the door was shattered in to tiny pieces across the floor in the hallway. I tried my best to avoid the small shards on the floor from going in to my bare feet. The floor felt colder than the metal table.
    It didn’t take long for me to pick my pace up as I began running down the hall way. I guessed it was late because they seemed to be hardly anyone around and only a few lights lit up the hallway. Slowing down, I came up to an emergency exit. This was what I’d been looking for. My trembling hands pressed against the metal bar and pushed the door forward. Strangely they were no alarm and nobody waiting outside to capture me. I was finally free from the horrid building. I ran down the side of the building, and then I came on to a large path that leads toward some giant gates. Even they were open freely. Something didn’t seem right here but I wasn’t going to stop and question the situation, I had a lot of questions but they were going to have to wait until I knew I was safe.
    The outdoors seemed to be a bit brighter than what it was inside the building, because of the street lights lined up beside the road. Now I could see the colour of my hair. It caught my attention because it was such a strong colour. Under one of the lights my hair looked blood red, not a trace of different colour anywhere. A box like machine with wheels went past me suddenly, followed by two others. They were all heading in the same direction which seemed to be towards the city. So my first instinct was to follow these machines in the same direction, I decided to keep on the path though, I might of been confused but I wasn’t stupid. Walking, I wouldn’t stop, I went on for hours. I didn’t even know what I was looking for, help maybe. Most people that I did come across just thought I was another homeless person, which seems to be quite common in the city. Normally when you think of a city, you think of tall buildings, new and brilliant as they stand tall. This city was different they were a lot of tall buildings but then they were buildings that were half way from collapsing. Then you would get the small houses cramped together, nothing looked beautiful, it was just a bit of shelter for people. The towered buildings were mostly for powerful humans with wealthy jobs, the ones that enjoyed controlling the world.