• "Miss, what is your name?" Dina asked.

    "My name is Maline, Milady." Was the soft reply.

    "Well Maline, Do not call me Milady. I am not a queen nor royalty. My name is Dina. Please call me by my name. I will not scold you for doing so." She informed her maid. "Also you are not my servant. I can do all that I need myself. But you can be my friend."

    Maline smiled. She had never been given a choice about anything since arriving at the castle, and yet this strange woman who is her new charge is giving her options. Tears filled her eyes as she realized that this woman must be a blessing. Maline felt a few tears roll down her face and plummet to the carpetted, stone floor. She had thought that the Gods had given her thorns, but now she sees that they had presented her with a rose...