• The day I met Jason Bradley was regular. I almost forgot, My name is Christina Beluvard. I go to college at Oxford in Great Britain. I was Born in Maine, United States and moved to Britain when I was 16. 3 years have passed since then.
    Well let me get back to the story.
    I met Jason when I was walking to History. A snobby girl slammed right into me on purpose. "Sorry." she said in a non-truthful voice. Then she walked away. Jason came up to me and helped me gather up my books. "Hi, I'm Jason."He told me. "I'm Christina. Nice to meet you." I answered. Then we started talking and he followed me right into History!! He even sat down next to me! Then the professor walked in and we shut up. He passed me a note reading
    Want to go get a bite to eat later?
    I nodded and wrote
    I'd like that.
    The class ended and we both walked out to my old Honda Pilot. I dumped my stuff in the back of the car.
    "You drive this peice of crap?"He asked me.
    "Yes. does it bother you?"
    "Well... no but it's a load of s**t compared to my car."He pointed to a dark red Lambourghini. My jaw dropped.