• Kenchi and Masa stared, from the bushes, at the empty chair in front of Sanju waiting to see Toshikazu.
    “where is he” Masa whispered
    “I don’t know.. I think he’s sleeping..” Kenchi replied
    “what!? doesn’t he know that Sanju is waiting for him?” Masa asked
    “Hirokazu said that he’ll tell him” Kenchi said still starring at the empty chair infront of Sanju
    “well ask him what’s going on in there” Masa insisted
    Kenchi closed his eyes “Hirokazu what’s going on?” Kenchi thought
    “believe it or not but.... Toshikazu is nervous...” Hirokazu said
    “SHH you said you wouldn’t tell him” Toshikazu said
    “Toshikazu why are you so nervous?” Kenchi asked calmly, there was silence but then Toshikazu said
    “well...” Toshikazu stopped “well.. just look at her she’s- she’s so... beautiful... and... I’m just...” he stopped once more, he then said “destructive” there was saddness in his voice when he said it
    “and shy” Hirokazu teased
    “Shut Up!!” Toshikazu yelled before Kenchi felt a major headache
    “OW!!” Kenchi said rubbing his head
    “what?” Masa asked confusingly
    “Toshikazu and Hirokazu are fighting..” Kenchi sighed
    “Hirokazu woke him up?” Masa asked
    “no he’s been awake” Kenchi replied looking at the empty chair again
    “then what’s the hold up?” Masa asked
    “DON’T YOU DARE TELL HIM KENCHI!!” Toshikazu yelled, you can tell that he was ready to attack
    “if you don’t come out I’ll tell him..” Kenchi bribed knowing that it will work
    “wow Toshikazu, Kenchi got you” Hirokazu teased again
    “SHUT UP” Kenchi felt another headache
    “AHH!..OK THEN I’M GOING TO TELL HIM” Kenchi said out loud
    “What? tell me What?” Masa was confused
    “Toshikazu-” Kenchi was interrupted
    “he left...” Hirokazu said
    “is right there!” Kenchi said pointing at the empty chair
    “where exactly?...¬.¬” Masa asked looking at Kenchi annoyed
    “uh” Kenchi made a stupid look “I don’t know..” he looked down in defeat
    “WHAT!!!” Masa yelled out loud that everyone heard it