• The sewer was over running with sewage Deadpool was leaned up against a wall looking at his left hand with the dismembered fingers my life really is in the craper.Grow back c'mon grow back his once lost fingers regenerated first the tissue and bone regrew then the skin.Time to kill this god damn Crocodile guy Deadpool hopped up running down the tunnel in front of him threw the green bacteria infested sewage Deadpool stopped running the water was rising "no way" hey ninja no food time for a sewer travel.In the room ahead Killer Croc ripped open a flood gate causing the sewage to pour in before the sewage hit him Deadpool uttered "I really hate this freak" the sewage hit him sweeping him into other tunnels he hit wall and pipes.Killer Croc tackled Deadpool punching him in his stomach then slamming him into the wall smiling luckily the merc broke free going down an opposite tunnel the water level was decreasing now it was more like a slide coming up was a sewage water fall below was a different tunnel Deadpool leaped seeing Killer Croc unsheathing his katanas" hey Croc".

    Deadpool stabbed Killer Croc's soft underbelly he began bleeding and coughing up blood yea how you like that Shut up said Croc pearcing deadpools chest both of them looked at each other falling down hitting the cement hard the room was unflooded.Killer Croc rose up so did Deadpool killer Crock german supplexed deadpool jumping on him breaking his back then finally his neck.That should do it nobody beats me he said breathing hard and walking away Deadpool was rising up he snapped his back in place then his neck he drew a handgrenade running towards croc he was bitten in his shoulder "ahhh".Deadpool stabbed Killer Croc with a hidden knife then kicking him finally he shoved the grenade hinging it in his teeth then he dived as it exploded.Pieces of his body went everywhere guess i win said Deadpool getting up holding his shoulder and walking away i hope i make it back in time for "Hell's Kitchen"..............................................................the end