• Saya: I'm sure we will all fit.
    Mira: Yeah the nine of us will all fit in a three bedroom apartment.
    Saya: Yeah two in each room
    Mira: Three in each room
    saya: Whatever. Look it will work
    Mira: Yup it will because we are moving
    Saya: No i will do anything just please don't move us
    Mira: Anything...? ok then i get to choose the sleeping aragments
    Saya: Fine
    Mira: You get stuck with Ceal and Geo
    Saya: I am going to start looking for a house
    Mira: I thought so
    -A week after saya finds a house and calls everyone to the kitchen so she may tell them the news-
    Ceal: Somebody wanna tell me what this is about
    Dark: Why are you in such a hurry?
    Ceal: I have something better to do
    Sean: Like what?!
    Mira: SHOOSH
    Lee: Oh boy here comes the lectures, and it begins in five, fore,three,two,one...
    Mira: O.K so...Saya has found a house and shee is going to fill in the details
    Saya: O.K everyone so its a twelve bedroom house, six bathroom, large kitchen,livingroom,and dinning room, its a three story house so that means theres a basement and attic. the attic is a big room so that means theres really thirteen rooms. five bedroom and two bathrooms in the basement. two bathrooms and bedrooms on the main floor and five bed and two bathrooms on the top floor.
    Kandreil: One question. Nice neighbohood?
    Saya: Yes
    Lee: what about school?
    Saya: well the school we will be attending is privet
    -everyone but saya and mira gaspe-
    Mira: -cry-
    Saya: hehe ^^; anymore questions?
    Geo: why are you doing this to us!
    Magnus: just one. where is the house?
    Saya: Okinawa
    Mira: you mean Oklahoma?
    Saya: no Okinawa in Japan
    Geo: NoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Saya: So lets start paking ^^ biggrin
    -two weeks past-
    Ceal: Alright let me get this right we are going to be living here......whoa!
    Geo: There is no way I am going to wear a uniform to school, just so I can nap on a book about dead guys in tights
    Ceal:so is that why your failing history?
    Geo: whats history?
    Ceal: a class about dead old guys
    Geo: ohh I thought that was cooking
    Ceal: -hits head to hand-
    Dark: so who gets what room?
    Magnus: I say the oldest chooes first
    Sean: I say the youngest choose first
    Dark: I say i choose first because I am the middle age kid
    Mira: alright everyone go kill each other for a room
    -here are everyones room-
    Geo-top floor
    Kandreil- top floor
    Mira-top floor