• As i walked up the dark creaking staircase, I felt a cold breeze and the weird feeling of being watched. I took my time, trying to be as carful as possible. As I walked further up i stopped just in the middle, I heard a noise, a strange noise a sounded so faint that you would think only an animal could hear it, it sounded like a scream ended abruptly, it only lasted a few seconds. I stood very still, to try and pick up something else, but I heard nothing but cold air coming in through the broken windows and the creaking of the old house. So i kept walking up the stairs, I was scared, I had that feeling that starts in your stomach and comes right up like a electric current though your body. I started to move quicker, I had a feeling someone was following me. As i moved faster the squeaky wooden stairs grew louder, then all of a sudden i hear a thump coming from upstairs. I froze so quickly that I almost fell over. It wasn't a very loud thump, it sounded like a small chair falling over onto a carpet or i might have been just to far away to hear it clearly, it was so sudden and so fast and there wasn't another sound. I couldn't move, I felt as if I would be stuck in that position, but i got my self to keep going. It got darker as i walked up the stairs, because their were less windows on the second floor to let the moon light in, as I walked further up it got very spooky, I felt as though someone was trying to get closer to me and grab me by surprise ,but all I could do was keep walking. One foot after another struggling to get up the stairs, my body was shaking so much i thought i would fall off the stairs. Finally I got to the last steps, I slowly walked onto the second floor. It was dark I couldn’t see a thing, it was also colder, I felt a breeze come trough the one window on my right, I couldn't see much outside though ,because the moon was on the left side of the house heir were miles of trees and tall snowy mountains. I looked around a bit more, my eyes adjusted to the dark. I could see a hall way, going straight down, with a red carpet going straight down the centre. With many doors on both sides. I started walking down the hallway slowly trying not to make a sound, the floor was even creakier then the stairs. their was a broken chandelier on the ceiling at the end of the hall way, the bulbs were cracked and the chain was loose, with one hit, it would fall down with a smash. As i got closer to it their was a door on left of the chandelier. I could see a little bit of light coming out, but the door was half closed ,It was a bright red light. I was so scared that i couldn't get my legs to go any further ,their was a part of me that said, “ don’t do it ,who knows what’s on the other side” ,and another part said, “you have come this far, you can't just give up now”, I was so scared and confused, I didn't know what was going on, what i should do, and with out thinking much ,i just ran right into the room. Their was a candle with red and orange flame sitting on a large wooden table in the middle of the room with a small dark wooded chair on the carpeted floor.

    What else is in the room?

    What will happen next?