• Prologue

    Nick and his good friend sat in the pigsty of an apartment viewing re-run after re-run of Celeb Hotties 101. Nick wasn’t impressed with ninety percent of the women on the show, but that’s what he gets for watching E. His buddy on the other hand was drooling over every detail. Nick rolled his eyes in disgust, “Could you be any more of a pig?” he complained, back-handing his friend -playfully but with a serious attitude- on the side of the head. His friend cringed with the pain, but simply replied, “Depends… If Shakira pops up on screen then one word… YEAH! You know how it is, her hips don’t lie.” Nick could not believe he hung out with someone like this, but hey, he was like this at times. Nick took a swig of his Monster and sighed. He was in New York, but he just couldn’t find the right type of girl to ease his pain, after Monique and what not. After a quick commercial break, the host described the features of the next star, and Nick thought he was in for a treat. This girl was the most astonishing thing he had ever seen, and turns out she was a NY local. Candi Presco was her name; and life was the game. Nick looked over to his friend and tapped his shoulder to bring him out of his hypnotic state. “Hey ya’ Duke… I think she could be the one.” Duke smiled deviously, finally his friend was back in the game. “Alright brotha’! Glad to have ya’ back, my numba’ one wingman.” The boys gave each other a wink as the next commercial break presented.

    Chapter 1
    The Fame
    Candi giggled as her boyfriend stuck a piece of cotton candy in her mouth. They had just gotten off the Farris wheel and were still a bit dizzy from dangling high up. As they walked by the dunk tank, a group of punk teens whistled and Candi simply rolled her eyes. “Ugh, pigs!” Candi smiled as her boyfriend wrapped his arm around her. “Hey, why don’t you find us a spot to sit by the stage, I will be there in a sec.” Candi kissed the boy’s cheek as he went off to another section of the fair grounds. Candi walked up to the girl volunteering as the captain for the animal and nature part of the carnival. Candi whistled to the girl, “Hey sweet thang!” The girl set the diving gear down and hugged Candi. “I thought you weren’t going to come because of the paparazzi!” The girls let their embrace go as they took in a small chat. “It turns out the paparazzi are too stupid to bring money for the entry fee of five dollars. No wonder why they turn pics in to sleaze journalists, they can’t even afford a cent! And besides, what star doll in her right mind wouldn’t want to see her best friend?” The girl put her head down, “Well… I just thought since you’re famous and all you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone completely dull and normal as I.” the girl was good at pulling jokes. Candi lifted the girls chin. “Cake, are you kidding me! If it wasn’t for your support I WOULDN’T be famous.” The two girls hugged yet again and smiled. “Oh hey, why don’t you come watch me perform at the stage? You know, take a break.” Candi eyed her friend. “Maybe even… Oh I dunno; let you play your guitar like you always do.” Candi waited for a reply. Cake slapped her friend on the back. “Why I’d love to!” As the girls hurried off to the stage, who knew what crazed and obsessed fans were waiting for.

    Chapter 2
    Break Up & Break Out
    Cake awoke up around two AM with an unexpected phone call. Cake picked up the phone. “What the hell do ya’ want Candice Marie Presco!” Candi sniffled on the other side of the phone; she completely forgot what time it was. Cake managed to listen in between all of her friend’s tears. “Braxton… Broke… Up… With… Meeeee!” Uh oh, her friend was hyperventilating; it was time for some treatment. Cake threw some skinny jeans on under her knee-length spaghetti strapped night gown. “I will be their in a sec hun. Just do yourself a favor and stay put, we don’t want this to be the head of the news line by tomorrow. Cake knew her friend was nodding in silence right then and there. Cake jumped into her show stopping jacked up Ford as she drove to Presco Manor. Once Candi got in, it was one long yet quiet ride to Cake’s apartment. Cake threw down her bag and keys on the side table by the front door. “Well, home sweet home. You can have my bed for now hun, it’s the least I can do.” Candi opened up her mouth to protest against it, but kept her mouth shut. As Candi lye sprawled out against the spring mattress, she could not sleep. However, Cake was already passed out on the couch, which was heaven to her. Two girls so different they are almost alike… Cake woke up 3 minutes after her peaceful slumber when Candi stood in front of her. “I…I…I can’t sleep.” Candi shook violently. Cake sat up and put her friend beside her. “Well darlin’, being with a boy like Braxton for so long would keep me up too when we weren’t together. He loved you so much; he only did what was best for you. Cake felt her friends tear fall on her lap and did not want to see any mushy whiny stuff so she grabbed her keys. “Tell you what girl, here’s an idea, let’s go clubbing!” Candi looked up, a smile on her face.