• Chapter 12 The Date with a dragon (told from the perspective of Kuno Marco)

    So as you could guess I was very nervous. It was one thing that a 3rd year was talking to a 2nd year, but to be on a date with her is something just so unexpected. After we walked for a while I wondered if she was starting to get hungry.

    “Kasura-sempai, would you like to go get something to eat?” I asked her nervously. She turned to me with those eyes of her's and smiled.

    “That would be nice Kuno-chan,” she said. I could feel my face flushing. She was just way too hot. I looked around for some where nice to eat. I spotted a nice restaurant and directed her towards it.

    “Is this ok?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. We entered and were seated within a matter of minutes. It was a hibachi. It was nicely set as we flipped through the menu. For some reason, I felt a little off. Like there was something wrong, but I didn't know what. Kasura-sempai ordered first, while I finally found something I wanted. Chicken tempura and white rice. Tasty. We ate and discussed school and other things. But just as we finished she laced her fingers together and looked at me.

    “I know what you are,” she said looking at me seriously. I chocked a bit. Which did she mean? I know what I am, and that's both of 'em.

    “What do you mean?” I asked her drinking some water. Her look shifted to a glare.

    “just what it sounds like. Your in with Yuroto-san and Mizono-san. Your my enemy,” she said coldly

    “So you know about us then?” I asked.

    “More then you think. I was sent on assignment to watch over you particularly. Something about you has Ruki-sama a little nervous,” she said.

    “So that's why you transferred to our school?” I asked.

    “Yes, but then I discovered that you had crush on me and I couldn't let this chance get by,” she said smiling evilly. At this point I glanced around the restaurant. It was empty. Everyone, including the waiters and chefs were gone.

    “What did you do to everyone?” I asked. She smirked.

    “I'll let you in on something. We killed them,” she cooed. That pissed me off.

    “Why do it?” I asked calmly. She smiled.

    “Causing chaos is our job as ordered by Ryuuken. And breaking a young man's heart, makes it just as sweet,” she said.

    “Dragon scum like you shouldn't walk the face of this earth,” I said coldly. I saw in her eyes that she snapped.

    “Retched Phoenix!” she shouted flipping the table. I jumped back and stood my ground. This was not good. Not at all. She continued glaring at me. As she stared, I felt a cold chill run down my back. I whipped around and saw some guy in glasses with his hand on my shoulder. My shoulder was freezing over. My eyes widened and I swatted away from him. Kasura-sempai dashed at me. She started swinging at me with wild punches and kicks. I blocked them and dodged them the best I could. The guy in the glasses slammed his fist to the ground and pillars of ice shot from the ground. s**t, im surrounded by dragons. I didn't have a choice. And I wanted to show them who I really am. My eyes went from dark blue to yellow. My hair changed from green to white. My finger nails grew longer and became claws. I whipped around and slashed the pillars across horizontally. My new claws surprised them both. Kasura-sempai looked scared.

    “What the hell are you?” she asked as a white tail shot out of my tail bone and a pair of white wolf ears shot out of my head. I looked at her and smiled. My teeth now fangs.

    “Watashi wa Oka hanyou desu,” I said smiling. I may have had a cocky smile on my face, but inside I didn't know how to deal. Kasura-sempai was my crush. And now. She is my enemy. I growled and stretched my claws. I held them up to my face.

    “so you want to do this the hard way, or the painful way?” I asked. I heard a slight whistling nose. I dodged to the left as 4 kunai knives whizzed by my head. I swiped my claws and deflected another three. Kasura-sempai looked completely different. She had on a black vest with black layered fishnet underneath, black hakama that were tied at the bottom and tabi.

    “My official title as deemed by Ruki-sama, is the Dragoness of Steel. And being a kunoichi helps matters as well” she said smirking. In her hand a small mass of metal formed. She crushed it in her hand, and it turned and shaped into another set of kunai. She threw them at me. The guy with the glasses also charged at me. His arms coated in ice in the shape of a spike. My eyes shifted and I vanished. As her kunai sank into the glasses guy's arm. I reappeared behind him and swiped at him with my claws. He howled in pain as he reached around and grabbed at his back. I ran towards the door. I needed to get the hell out of there. But as I made it to the door, steel rods shot out of the ground, blocking me from escaping from the door. I looked around to see the other doors and the windows be blocked off as well. I turned and growled at Kasura-sempai. Her blue eyes nor frosty and cold. I just glared at her as the entire room started to freeze over. I looked at the glasses guy. He had his hands pressed against the ground and ice was pouring from them.

    “so mind telling me your friends name?” I asked to Kasura-sempai. She smirked.

    “His name is Hyoumaru. The dragon of Ice. No need to know his given name, cause you wont live long enough to use it,” she said snapping her fingers. Instantly a bear trap sprang from the ground and tried to clamp on my leg. I raised my foot fast enough and just glared at her.

    “You know my last name. But I'll give you my given name, just to be polite,” I said as sparks of lightning shot off my body. I started glowing with a bright yellow aura as more sparks shot off me.

    “It's Marco. Kuno Marco; Phoenix of Lightning!” I bellowed as a large lightning bolt shot off my body. A swirl of wind generated by my aura blew dust away as I stood there transformed.

    “Fushicho Kaihen,” I muttered. My phoenix grab mixed with my wolf blood as I drew my twin swords.

    “Let's go,” I said glaring at the two of them. Kasura-sempai smirked and held her hand out. A Tanto formed in her hand, as Hyoumaru stood and drew the large Zanbato on his back. I glared at them, and they glared back. We waited in this stalemate for what felt like a eternity. Until a small ice crack rang out through the building. We all clashed in a matter of seconds. Their two swords against mine. They pushed against me with all their strength, but I was put through Sano-kun's hell training. I shoved against them and dashed at Hyoumaru. He blocked my first strike but caught the second across his face, leaving a long cross slash over the middle of his face. My ears twitched as I heard Kasura-sempai swing at me with her Tanto. I ducked under and swiped at her hand with my blade. It grazed her hand as the full attack was blocked By Hyoumaru.

    “You stupid wolf!” he said growling. He swung his zanbato at me wildly. I blocked the biggest of the attacks and glared at him.

    “Sorry, but im gonna have to kill you know,” I said. I let his blade fall. I side stepped it and unleashed a furry of slashes at his neck.

    “Fushicho Ryuu: Death strangle,” I said cold. His head flew off his shoulders. As it hit the ground, his body turned to ice and shattered. I looked at the pill of ice shards and then looked at Kasura-sempai.

    “You win this round little wolf,” she said throwing a smoke bomb. She vanished in the smoke, but before she was gone for good I heard her speak.

    “No longer address me by that title. My name is Mino,” she said vanishing. I glared and changed back to normal form. And then back to human form. Now I know what most of you are thinkin' ; What the hell? He's a friggin wolf?!? Well yeah I am.

    “Jeez,” I said out loud. The bars vanished from the doors and windows. I left out and stretched. If you recall, the three original warriors were a bird demon, lynx demon, and a wolf demon. Yeah that wolf was my grandfather. My father, the second Phoenix of thunder got married to a human woman, so that's why im a half demon. Well what ever. I walked home on my own. Thinking about all this s**t that happened today. Destroying the kendo and judo clubs, having my first date, and then having to fight my first crush. God damn. I made it back to Kira-san's house quietly and slipped in without a word. It was late when I got back. I went into my room and took my shirt off.

    “So you want to tell me what happened?” I heard Sano-kun say. He was standing in the corner of the room. He had changed his eyes to yellow so they shined in the night. I explained that I was attacked by two dragons and that one of them was Mino. He nodded.

    “So the last dragon has been reviled,” he said. I cocked my head to the side.

    “Let me get this right, there are six of us, and only 4 of them? That doesn't seem right,” I said. He looked serious at me.

    “The division of power is set that the fewer members of a group, the more power each will have over their specified element. At 6 we can control and recreate our elements. With 4, they can do likewise, but also create copies of themselves out of themselves,” he said.

    “I see. They have more control then we do,” I said agreeing. He looked dead in my face.

    “You revealed your demon form didn't you?” he asked seriously. I hesitated. How the hell did he know.

    “your scent has changed. To that of a wolf. That's how I know,” he said walking over to me.

    “That begs the question from me, which of us is stronger?” he asked. He smirked. I smiled.

    “One way to find out,” I said. He nodded and we walked out of the house. We continued walking till we reached the river. I stared him down as he did me. I slowly changed back into wolf form. He undid the spell that hid his true form. His wings sprang out of his back, his fox ears and tail shot out of his head and tail bone, and his eyes changed to yellow.

    “Fushicho Kaihen/ Fennikkusu kaihen,” we both said in unison. We transformed into Phoenix form. I drew my twin katana, and he drew his broad sword and shield. We stared each other down. His grip tightened on his sword. As did mine.

    “here I go,” I said.

    In an instant I vanished. My wolf speed and phoenix speed together made me move at super sonic speeds. I got behind him in a manner of seconds. I slashed down on him with my right sword. He must have sensed me, cause he blocked it with ease with his shield. He whipped around and slashed at me with his broad sword. I deflected most of the hit with the sword in my left hand, but because I was still in midair, the force of the strike pushed me away from him. I dropped to the ground and charged him again. He relinquished his shield and held his sword with both hands. A bold and crazy move. I swung at him from every conceivable angle. He blocked each strike with relative ease. As I slashed once more he blocked it, the force from his blade shot sparks from his blade, lighting it on fire. The flames licked at my blade as I pushed the attack. My blade sparked and started to shot off lighting streaks. The two forces pushed against each other as our swords continued clashing. At this point, wielding two swords would only tire me out faster. I tossed the one in my left hand and grabbed my remaining blade with both hands. Our forces continued clashing. His flames and my lightning light the night sky in a dazzling display of yellow and red. He got underneath one of my attacks and rammed me skyward. Not good this was his territory. I looked down to see him spread his wings and take to the sky. He flew by me and messed up my center of gravity. Spinning me in the air till I was upside-down. He swopped in and charged me. I was able to pull off a spinning roundhouse kick to deter him. He circled around as I started to fall. He swung his sword with bursts of flames shooting from it. I did my best to dodge them, but it felt like my body was drawing them closer to me. Trying to absorb them. We clashed once again. His blade meeting mine. I was right side up. My blade teeming with lightning as his was engulfed in a blazing inferno. I pushed against him and skyrocketed to the ground. I landed on my feet and looked up at him. He was just hovering about 20 feet from me. He stared down at me.

    “Prepare yourself,” he said. He started climbing faster and faster. Up to a dizzying high. He was a small spec to me now, but not for long. His blade started to consume in a blaze again. Its flames growing higher and higher. Engulfing the night sky in a sea of crimson flames. With his wings pressed tightly against his body he started to dive. A stream of flames flowing from his blade as he dropped. I had to face him here and now. I crouched down and ran a powerful electrical current through my sword. It cycled back and forth in a wave type motion, growing stronger with each wave sent through it. That's when something hit both of us. My body started to over heat. I tried containing this heat but it was unbearable. I howled as loud as I could as flames began radiating from my body. I could see lightning streaks flying off Sano-kun's body as his dive increased in speed. My appearance was changing. My yellow hair was now streaked with red, my sleeves and pants were consumed by flames. As they receded flame patterns were left on the ends of them. The metal plates on my gauntlets now had the Kanji of Fire engraved in them. I howled more as the flames mixed with my lightning. The power surged through me and propelled me foreword. I ran on the very air itself, climbing higher and higher with each step. Sano-kun and I met in a violent confrontation in the sky. Yellow and red light the sky. My lightning and flames striking the ground below. His flames and lightning erupting into the sky above. We pushed against each other, forcing all our new power into this one attack. Nether giving an inch. When we both reached our limits, a explosion of pure power shot us both in opposite directions. I was sent to the ground as Sano-kun was sent skyward. I quickly passed out. I don't know when it happened, but when I came to, Sano-kun was in a creator about 10 yards in front of me. He too was starting to get to his feet. He stood up before I could. Sure enough his cloths had changed too. Yellow lightning streaks could be seen on his sleeves and pants. His red hair had yellow streaks in it. I looked at his gauntlets. They had the kanji of thunder engraved in them.

    “You ok?” he asked. I got up on my knees and then to my feet. I looked him square in the eye.

    “I'm starved,” I said laughing a bit and putting my hand on my stomach. He started laughing. We both powered down and went back to our human forms. Well his disguise anyway. We started to walk back to Mizono-san's house. That's when I posed the question.

    “What happened to us?” I asked. He lifted his hand and pointed to his back. He took off his shirt. On his back was 10 tattoos. Each one of the 10 elements. The kanji of Fire and Thunder were now glowing.

    “We have bonded I guess,” he said. He pointed at my hand. I looked at the backs of my hands. On the left was the kanji of Thunder, and the right was Fire.

    “Its something that the gods can do. Its called ability share. When we face off like we did just now, we gain access to the opponents powers. In our case, you got my flames, and I got your lightning. With this new power, you can wield flames. And I lightning,” he explained. This was Trippe.

    “but wait, you have all ten on your back. Does that mean you can do that with the dragons too?” I asked him.

    “Can't say. Never tried before, and I don't want to,” he said. We continued walking till we reached Mizono-san's house.

    “This stays between us right?” I asked. I didn't want Mizono-san andYukino-san knowing about our new powers yet. Or the fact that Mino was a dragon. Sano-kun nodded and opened the door.

    “I think the battle just tipped in our favor,” I said walking into the house

    end of chapter 12