• My name is Manami Kokorooboe, I'm fourteen years old.
    My reminesense of my own beloved brother still pains me even just saying his name. He would be the only one that put a smile in my face, but now since he's gone there's no point to bring those smiles and happinies back.
    He risked his life for me, he also confessed that it'll pain him more for me to die as he lived on than doing the same but him dead, but I still don't understand it now, will it hurt him more than how I'm feeling now at thie very moment and the time when you collapsed infront of me? But I hid my loneliness and emotional pain and only showed that I was a doll like threat to others.
    I tried to take place in his goal but as the last from the Kokorooboe family to be the next Oyadama of the Ryouga Clan which is the head leader of the Clan who protects the livings of others and run the place correctly and attend the most dangerouse missions.
    Years just passed along as Arata Sensei still trained me and so far I'm on my way to my goals I stive for, I'll never let anyone or anything get in
    my way nor emotions but. People never knew me and my past eather. I kept it secret because I thought it will show my weakness toward others, but I have a poor reputation of being a threat to others but looking like a doll already.
    My eyes changed to three colors silver, purple, and red. Silver was my normal eye color, purple was to read other's aura and emotions it was called Yomidashi Eyes, and red was the eye color of the Ryuga Clan. I use types of eyes as a avantage to analysis and break down
    situations easily. I'm already eminently strong cause of my speed of learning but other's always complain that I don't stop to enjoy what most living beings enjoy and have a poor social skills under everything else, but I was regardless to other's thought's and feelings. But my only regretion
    was speaking to thoughs senseless humans and humans of the supernaturals, just another reason to turn there backs on them, plus
    no one would really care about me.