• Nila woke up and ran into the wall.

    Disuke:What the hell Ni-San!!!
    Nila:Ah!!Sorry!!And when did u get here?
    Disuke:like aan hour ago?
    Disuke: O . O
    Nila: somtimes i wonder if I know you....
    Disuke:Sext party!Lets go find Rin.

    They went to go find Rin.When they got to her house they saw police cars around it.

    Disuke:What happend?Wheres Rin!
    Tohru(rins mom):She was on fire.
    Disuke and Tohru:Shut up Nila!!
    Disuke:Ok so ummm is she dead?
    Tohru:No....We cant find her.
    Nila:AHHHH!!!!DISUKE HELP!!!!!!
    Disuke ran after Nila and the man.Who could it be??Its none other than....JON DUNN THE MURDERER!!!!Dun dun dun!!!!The same person who kidnapped Rin.
    Disuke fell to the ground.Tohru was part of this to!DUN DUN DUN!!!!
    Jon:Shut up kid! The man threw him into the trunk and drove away.

    1 hour later

    Disuke:Ugh......Wh-Where am i?Rin?Ni-san?
    Rin:AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!HELP SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!
    Tohru:sHut it Girl!
    Nila biggrin isuke?You-Your awake....good.Untie me please.
    They were in a dark stone jail that was under ground.They heard other people scream.Not only Rin but OTHER people.
    Rin: Disuke help me!!!!OW!!!!!!!
    Tohru:Shut up i said!!!
    Disuke untied her and ran for Rin.
    Disuke and Nila beat up the people and run out as fast as they could.

    To be continued!!!