• I waited by the cove in the hallway by the stair case. Shouts in a different language unknown to me, drifted up the stairs to my ears. I growled softly, fighting again I see, I thought to myself as the screams became loud crashing noises from the third floor living room. I sighed softly but silently as I made my way back down the long corridor toward my room, where my sisters laid in wait. As soon as I was through the door Mystic jumped up and walked over to me. Mystic had long brunette hair, unlike my short and spiky raven black hair or Summer's curly bouncy blond, hers was straight as a rod and bland but she liked it. Mystic asked questions first.

    "What is the fight about this time?" Mystic asked in a soft but dark laced voice. I looked at my older sister doubtfully. "You really think I know?" I replied. Mystic sighed and sat back down by Summer once again. Summer rolled her eyes at her two older sisters, Mystic and I, Fallen. She twisted several stands of her bouncy, curly, blond hair in her fingers and sighed softly. "I bet it's about Mystic nearly burning the house down last week." She said and looked to our eldest sister with a mocking smile. Summer's voice was bright and amazingly preppy. Mystic growled. "That wasn't intentional!" She nearly screamed, clearly she didn't like being blamed for the feud between our parents.

    We all three sighed and then two of us jumped when Mystic's twin brother Daven entered the room. Daven grinned at us. "Miss me?" He asked in a teasing voice. Mystic jumped with a start when she heard his voice, he was different. She got up and went over to him. He was the eldest of them all. She bowed slightly and smiled sweetly at her twin. "Hello, Daven." Her eyes were a light purple and swirled with black. She hugged Daven gently and led him over to the bed. "Do you know what they are fighting about this time?" She asked in the same voice she used with me. Daven chuckled, "Us naturally." He said his voice dark and mysterious not at all soft and sweet like our voices.

    The clock struck midnight and all four of them fell silent waiting for the fighting to intensify instead, all was quiet. I looked at my siblings in shock then I went over to the door and listened. Silence. I turned back to my siblings. Daven chuckled. “It’s a sign of the apocalypse.” He said in a joking voice even though he was half serious. Mystic hit him hard on the arm. “Ouch.” He said and started rubbing his arm. Mystic laughed softly and went over to the door. She pushed me out of the way and pressed her ear to the door.

    I sighed and sat on the bed next to Summer. Summer looked at me and said, “Fallen, do you think she’ll ever stop being mean?” She asked in a soft whisper. I shrugged. “It’s possible but I doubt she will.” I said in a gentle voice. Summer sighed and shook her head slightly. Daven sat on the toy box by my window. Mystic jumped back from the door and raced back over to sit by me. The door opened suddenly. Our father, Arrik poked his head in and sighed. “Off to bed all of you.” He said in a dark and commanding voice that was hard to say no to. Mystic and Daven got up and left. Summer went off into the bathroom attached to my room. And I went to my closet to search for clothes.

    I took a shower and dressed in sweat pants and an old t-shirt. Summer was already in bed. I tiptoed through my room to my bed and laid down. I didn’t worry about my hair it would dry quickly. I walked to my closet which was full of all goth clothing. I picked something quickly and put it on my toy box for the next morning. It was the first day of summer tomorrow and I could hardly wait. I climbed into bed and I fell, quickly, asleep.

    First Day Of Summer: Seven Years Later....

    I awoke from my bed my long raven black hair a total disater. "Ugh..." I groaned as I watched myself in the mirror.