• Alysha: *Kicks Sara Awake*

    Sara: *pissed* WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR!!!! I WAS SLEEPING!!!! GO BUG LIZZIE!! *even more pissed* I WAS DREAMING OF MANGA!!!!!

    Alysha:Ok *gets Ready to kick lizzie*

    Lizzie:*Very Sleep* Did Shippo come again?

    Sara: No But Triston Did(in a teaseing way)

    Lizzie: Oh my god were is he.

    Alysha: She was just joking.

    Lizzie: .......Da*n you.....

    Sara: Hahahahahaha

    Alysha: Hahahaha

    Lizzie: You people are mean.

    Sara: So now what

    Triston: Hi

    Lizzie: TRISTON!!!!!!!!*Jumps on triston*

    Sara: Stop making out.

    Lizzie: *Gets off of Triston* We are not making out!

    Alysha: then what is it called when you jump on your bf and start kissing him?

    Triston: A frendly Kiss...

    Sara: Ok what ever you say.....*Says Quilitly* Making out.

    Triston&Lizzie: we are not making out...

    Alysha: Lizzie and Triston sitting in a tree k i s s i n g....

    Sara: lol

    Lizzie: I hate you to..

    Mioroku: *Go's over to Sara* Will you bare my child?

    Sara: Like Hell

    Sango: *graves Mioroku by his ear*

    Mioroku: ow....Sango no........

    Alysha: That was wierd

    Sara: You think it was wiered he asked me to have his kid

    Lizzie: Ok then Bye

    Alysha: Bye

    Sara: Bye

    Triston: Is Anyone Here?? Hello?