• She smiled slightly as he trailed light kisses up her neck stopping in some places to gently suckle at her neck. "Baby don't do that you'll leave a mark," She whispered feverishly as she pulled him closer. "I'll try not to babe," he mumbled into her neck as her continued to kiss it.

    But all that was just a fleeting memory for her had left her; a hull of what she once was; a long time ago. The past week had just been too much for her to handle as she now lay on her bed in a stupor hoping he would come back for her. The sound of her phone ringing under the pillow slowly brought her back around in time to realize who was calling. Sliding the phone up she breathed, "Hello?" Preparing herself for the worst. "I thought I had told you not to text me anymore." Was the response from the other side of the phone. "I'm sorry I"m just bored out of my mind being stuck in this house," She muttered back. "Well couldn't you find something else to do besides bugging me?" Came the cold retort from the other end. "No..." The silence that followed was unnerving causing her to roll over in her bed to stare at the ceiling. "So.." She quietly asked, "I wouldn't be able to get you to come over and keep me company than huh?" His voice silent until, "I'm tired and I don't want to go anywhere more tonight," he replied to her question. "But..." She retorted the impending silence making her voice start to break. "Like I said before you need to find someone else other than me. There's people out there better for you than me." Was his cold statement causing her to tear up. "But I don't want someone else, I want you." She breathed into the phone.

    His warm arms tightly wrapped themselves around her small chest squeezing slightly in a loving way. "Hey I just said I wanted a hug not crushed," She joked, pulling back slightly. A quick glace at his eyes told her something was wrong. "Well you gonna be home this weekend?" She asked poking his stomach gently. "I'm not sure I think I might be going to visit my dad," Was his reply back. She smiled slightly trying to hide the fact she knew something was up. "Alright well I'll call you tomorrow then ?" She turned slightly and opened the door. "Good night" she quietly said getting a "Good night" as a reply. "Just don't stay up too late playing games alright?" Lightly saying she poked his stomach again as she turned and walked out of the door.

    He carefully wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to his warm chest. Tentatively she put her arms around his neck and leaned in to rest her head on his shoulder. Pulling back slightly she put her forehead to his, looking down knowing knowing what they were doing was wrong, he wasn't hers anymore. His head moved slightly moving their lips closer together. She made the first contact lightly pressing her lips to his. Feverishly he pressed back pulling her waist closer. Knowing they shouldn't be doing that she pulled back slightly. He in return lightly grasped her face and parted her lips slightly with this thumb before pressing his lips to hers again prodding with his tongue asking for entrance to her mouth. Her probing fingers softly embedded themselves in his short brown hair as she kissed back. All the while knowing what they were doing shouldn't be happening.

    "I love her but I just don't know, I just want you now." He whispered in her ear as he pulled her small form to his bare chest.

    Next she knew she was in her room again: awoken by that damned alarm clock again. "Why must you always go off at the best point in my dreams!" She growled as she slammed her hand on the alarm. Slowly she untangled herself from her blankets and set her feet on the floor, "Oh joy another day."