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    tab "Oh no, everytime we see a remote in your hand, something bad is about to happen..."
    tab "You's said it, Sista!" Meowth put his right paw down on the center button. As expected, bad things were to happen.
    tab "And just to let you know, this Ravage Rhyperior hasn't been here for decour..."
    tab "What's that supposed to mean, James?" Ash inquired.
    tab "OOh its simple," he smiled, "just step a little closer and I'll explain it!"
    tab Ash May and Dawn walked forward curiously but cautiously. James just kept smiling mysteriously.
    tab "What?" Dawn began: "What's so f- AAHH"
    tab Without warning, the earth beneath Dawn's feet collapsed, and she began endlessly falling- or seemingly. She suddenly felt giant rocks pressing in on her from every seemable side. Just another pit trap, she thought. She began to attempt to climb as ussually done out of a pit trap. But she couldn't- she couldn't even move her arms for the encasing rocks.
    tab "Help!" she screamed, but not before she realized that she wasn't the only one in an iffy situation- Ash, May, Piplup, Skitty, and Bayleaf were all encased in similar rocks- they could only see each other for the cracks in the sides of the trappings.
    tab "Dawn, I would love to help you, I'm just a bit preoccupied at the moment," May gave, obviously in not the best of moods.
    tab "Shut up May."
    tab "I see we've captured a collection of meanie-heads, huh?" Jessie cackled, finally recalling Seviper.
    tab "Not the brightest kind either," James mused. "step a little closer, rofl they fell for that."
    tab "James, that's not BBcode..."
    tab "Oh, you're right... oops. Doesn't matter anyway, we've just reeled in a major catch."
    tab "Yep, dis is a reel winner!" Meowth joked, terribly failing.
    tab "It's all thanks to your brilliance, Meowth," James complimented.
    tab "What? What makes you think we can't get out this???" Ash, attempting to struggle his way out.
    tab "Simple. This is an enforced improved replica of a Rhyperior's Rock Tomb attack." Meowth explained. "Nothing but a super strong Water type attack should be able to destroy it, and that, you have none." razz
    tab Dawn reached for Piplup's Pokeball. Maybe if I can withdraw Piplup and release her again she can blast these with BubbleBeam... she squeezed her arm through desperately, but it was no use.
    tab "lol. That won't do anything twerpette," James laughed at her escape effort.
    tab "James, really, stop with the text lingo, you'll drive me crazy."
    tab "Wait," May cut in. "What was the point of our battle if you were just going to trap us in the end???"
    tab "A fine question!" Meowth replied. "This Rock Tomb attack takes time to construct, in fact fifteen minutes. Your nice little battle gave me enough time to set it up! Now, you just watch in utter despair as we take little Pikachu."
    tab Pikachu, who lay about five feet away from where Ash was held captive, began rolling around desperately, still somewhat seemly asleep.
    tab "Good little Pikachu," Jessie 'soothed' as she picked him up and carried him back to the Ryhperior.
    tab "Stop!" Ash tried kicking the sides of the casing to break out.
    tab "No use, twerp," James came by and began collecting the pokeballs from Ash's belt.
    tab "noooo..." he complained as James walked off arms full.
    tab "So, balloon ready, Meowth?" Jessie, Dawn and May's pokeballs in hand.
    tab "Up, up, and away!" Meowth said, awaiting the others aboard the Meowth-shaped Hot Air Balloon.
    tab "TTFN!" James called climbing in.
    tab "Thanks for your time, then!" Jessie waved.
    tab "Yes! We finally did it!" Meowth, syched for victory, returning Piplup, Bayleaf, and Skitty to their pokeballs, despite their attempts at avoiding the red beams of light.
    tab And that was the site. All that Ash, May, and Dawn could do now was stare up at the now clouding sky and the Hot Air Balloon raising in it.
    tab "Bringing chaos at a break-neck pace, is it?" A voice called up to the Balloon.
    tab "Huh?" Team Rocket called down together.
    tab Ash May and Dawn turned around left in unison to locate the producer of the words. There stood a girl and a Pokemon.
    tab "Shellos, Hydro Pump!" She commanded.
    tab Three streams of powerful Water shot through the air and smashed the imprisonment of Ash and co., who instantly were let go and landed perfecly on their feet. They were somewhat wet, but they were free.
    tab The savior walked forward and said "Dawn. Been awhile, hasn't it?"
    It was Zoey.
    tab "Oh!" Dawn just registered. "Hi Zoey!" She said as she attempted to hide her dirt infested hair, with little luck. Why now, she thought. Couldn't my hair be a little cleaner, this is embarrassing!
    tab "Hey," Zoey smiled. "How's it going?"
    tab "Erm, not to well..." she explained sheepishly that they had been thieved by Team Rocket. This is the worst thing to be seen caught up in...
    tab "Hm. So is that it, then?" She said grabbing another Pokeball.
    tab "What's it to you, tomboy!?" Jessie shot down angrily, also grabbing a Pokeball. "We can take her, James."
    tab "Hm? Oh." James: "Dashing all hope and putting fear in its place!" he excaimed.
    tab "Dude, you're a bit late," Jessie yelled.
    tab "Chatot, Aerial Ace!" Zoey called out, proceeded by a skyward divebombing Chatot headed toward the Balloon.
    tab "Um, guyz, do somethin!" Meowth called, pointing terrifiedly.
    tab "Right!" Jessie began: "Sevi-"
    tab But much too late. The Chatot smashed right into the side of the balloon and sent Team Rocket flying, of course, exclaiming their signature "blasting off again", and releasing the Pokeballs and Pokemon in fall.
    tab "Oh, nice, way to go, Zoey!" Dawn called, open arms to recieve the pokeballs incoming.
    tab "Yep, no problem," she replied.
    tab "We would've been goners if you hadn't come along," Ash, jumping in the air to catch the deadbeat Pikachu.
    tab Zoey smiled. Then she looked up at the sky, "those clouds don't seem to friendly."
    tab "Yeah, but in August? This is harsh weather for the month," Dawn commented.
    tab "Well, you'd better find a place to stay. I don't think there are any Pokemon Centers nearby..." as she recalled her Pokemon.
    tab "There's a Starbucks a little ways down the road," May, who hadn't spoken much recently, commented knowledgably.
    tab "Hm ohkay, there you are Dawn!"
    tab "Um, Starbucks???"
    tab "Its like a Pokemon center for people. Ya know, energy."
    tab "Oh, um, cool, er, won't you come too, Zoey?" She asked.
    tab "Nah, I've got places to be..."
    tab "Oh." Dawn seemed somewhat dissapointed. May gave something that seemed like a half-scoff half-giggle. "So, I guess this is good-bye until the Festival?"
    tab "Oh, won't you be at the Goldenrod Celebrations?" Zoey asked.
    tab "Oh, um, yes! You too?"
    tab "Of course," she smiled. "And I expect you to be there too, May? And Ash?"
    tab "Yep."
    tab "Sure."
    tab "Kay," Zoey said, "Until then," she waved casually and pulled down her sunglasses cool
    tab "Bye, Zoey!" Dawn called, agreed by Ash and May. And she went down the way she came. "Funny," Dawn noted as they set off the opposite direction, rain begining to fall lightly over the brown artificial clearing, "How did she know to find us?"
    tab Some things, as Dawn will learn, come specially. And packages do come strangely, a wisdom May holds high, but are valuable nonetheless. Connections run deep where Dawn knows very little exist. But will she understand? Or, are you, the reader, still blinded? Then stay tuned!