• "Power up..." The man grinned maliciously turning the dial right, the needle pointing to green.
    Electricity shot through the twisted wires and towards the pod. The pod twitched and jolted with every surge. Then suddenly, the pod became lifeless.
    "Well...?" The gentleman asked the old man.
    "Be patient, sir." The old man prodded, intertwining his fingers.
    The gentleman's eye focused back on the pod and faintly, ever so faintly, the pod moved. The hand unlocked and its fingers flexed. Its arms peeled of its sides and its knees crooked. Its head lifted. The gentleman's mouth gaped with shock and excitement. Its eyes moved from left to right, up and down, thought it wasn't looking at anything. It blinked, its head falling back down. It's body unraveled and it came from a fetal position to sitting upright. The wires falling off simultaneously. Its long slender legs outstretched forward and its arms dangled besides it.
    It raised it's hand, bringing it up to the light, shielding its sight. It looked adoringly at its hand, its fingers flexing once more.
    It brought its hand towards its face, softly caressing its cheek; bringing its other hand up as well. Its hand moved up towards its head and ran its fingers through its long black hair. Bringing locks towards it nose and pressing it against its cheeks. It dropped its hair and began examining its body.
    The gentleman reddened, "W-What is it doing...?" he asked the old mad.
    "It's exploring it self." The crazed old man giggling a bit, "It's collecting data of it's external self."
    "So it's learning...?"
    "If you want to put it into lame man's terms," the old man chuckled.
    The pod began to stand, its knees that of a new born child. It struggled upon standing, its legs quivered from the weight. It began to wobble a few inches. Then it began to become more coordinated.
    The gentleman eyed the pod more closely, the arms were long and slender-like it's legs, it's waist was thin and it's chest full. He chuckled to himself, feeling like an old man. Speaking of which, from the corner of his eye, he could see old man becoming excited. He stepped away slightly.
    The pod twirled, trying to see its back. It spun around twice before stopping in front of the glass window, it's eyes locking on the gentleman. It smiled warmly.
    The gentleman grinned, "Amazing." He thought. "She will make a fine weapon."