• She ran outside, furiously drowned in a pit of tears and emotions. Calming down with ever breath of outside air. Soothed in thought she wandered into the back yard. Caring less about passing time. She stares and the sunset with numb feelings. She asked herself what had gone wrong. She thought about it...Remembering the horrible memories, they haunted her as if they were happening at the very moment. Still staring into space, her eyes slowly filled with tears, and down they came sliding on her bruised face.
    Right away, her rage took reign over her. She looked down and found a broken scissor half. Blinded by emotions, she grabbed the item and rapidly started slitted her wrist mindlessly. For a few cuts could'nt be compared to the pain she was already facing.
    She had cut herself many times more, then abruptly stopped. Staring at her almost skinless wrist in horror, she'd realized what she had done She couldn't believe it, she didn't want to imagine what would happen if they saw her wrist.
    She desperatley tried to get rid of the blood. Crying dramatically, she wished she had never done such a thing.
    A new wave of sadness took over her. She continued crying, she was sheeding heavier tears. She slid her back against the wall of her house, and sat against it. Calmed and with tired
    emotions, with a tear-stained face and bloody hands. She wiped her tears, but she ended up smudging blood on her face instead.
    " Have I gone crazy?" she asks herself.