• Last day of school: gotta remember to talk with Jill. Something catches my eye, something quite red and cloth-like. "Chiyori-san! It's time to go! We're gonna miss the show!" Of course Yu-chan may not let me. I whisper,"Don't worry, we're not going to miss it." Yui Kogarain stares broodingly back,"You have something bothering you, whats wrong?" I think of an excuse, a lie that's easy to cover. "I... just need to talk to Rin-Rin right now, can you wait a bit?" Good, that's convincing enough for an hour. Yui whimpers for a second then runs off to who knows where. I get out of my desk and start toward the door, when Paprika walks out in the cloud of anger she usually has.
    I ask,"Paprika, what has you mad now?" Paprika responds by a finger gesture to follow her. We walk side-by-side down the circling corridors of the school, until we arrive at the reading class room. She says,"She's waiting for you, don't get her mad." Okay... I think, and walk in.
    Immediately after I walk in, Paprika swoops in and lock the door behind her.
    "Paprika, why did you lock the door?" I ask shakily. "We are going to have a talk, Jill, you, and I," she whispers dangerously, like if this was a punishment. "Is this her?" A mysterious voice rings out, and Paprika replies,"Yes, this is the one. The one Chiyori Hiirashi."
    "Good," the voice echoes back, and I ask it,"Who or what are you, voice?"
    "You don't remember me, Hiirashi? A shame, regarding your position..."

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