• tab "Hello, James." The lights flickered for a second, and my eyes took a second to adjust after being alone so long in the dark.
    tab "What do you want from me?" The man smiled, and sat down on another chair facing me.
    tab "What do I want? Oh, that should be obvious! I want answers!"
    tab "I can't tell you what I don't know," I growled back at him. The man shook his head, and made and "tsk" noise with his mouth, as if I said something incredibly stupid.
    tab "C'mon, James. Surely you could've come with a more plausible excuse than that! Being the ever so clever person you are, after all." Casually, he pulled out a gun, cocked it, checked it's ammo. As it were just so...normal. He pointed the gun at me for a second, but after we stared down for a little while, I said with a mask of confidence,
    tab "You're not going to shoot me. After all, I apparantly know something." He laughed. Not a Santa Claus laugh, of course, but a sincerly evil laugh. No pun intended.
    tab "Oh, you are so right, James! Unfortunately for you, that's not the only thing I can shoot." He snapped his fingers, and two men dragged a struggling and bounded man, trying to say something probably in the lines of "help". I already had a pretty solid guess on who he was.
    tab "I mean, I think you'd be rather bothered if I shot down this guy, right?" Upon the word "this", he pulled off the wool bag that had been tied onto his neck. That only comfirmed my guess. Which wasn't what I wanted.
    tab His face was filled with sorrow and loss of hope, and his mouth was ducktaped shut, so all I heard was the "mmm-mmmmm!" of his attempted cries for help.
    tab The man pointed the gun at him, and asked again with a graver expression,
    tab "Now, tell me what I want to know, or I will kill him. I can't get any more blunt than that."
    tab "Look, man, I wasn't kidding. I don't know..." My nervous speech was abruptly interrupted bitting sound of the dreaded bullet. The moans of the bounded man reverberated in my ear. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth.
    tab Stop. Don't cry. Get ahold of yourself. But the tear came anyway, no matter how much will power I used to try and stop it.
    tab "Last chance," the man seethed, bashing the bounded man in the cheek, leaving it to drip with fresh, wet blood. "Tell me. Tell me everything!" The crying started getting worse and worse, cause an annoying stammer in my voice,
    tab "N-no! Please! Please, stop! I-I swear, I don't know--I d-don't know anything! But don't! Please!" The man just shook his head and said,
    tab "Sorry, James. I told you I would, and as you know..." He made one last dramatic pause, and then said slowly,
    tab "I...always keep my word." The already scarred face of the bounded man was hit again after again, mercilessly against the stainless steel. The bounded man collapsed to the ground, breathing as hard as he could through those two little nostrils he had. At one point in this seemingly long, torturing part of my life, I quite trying to stop him, and just watched helplessly as the bounded man's life started to fade away, and though he couldn't speak through thrashing kicks and bashes and the duck tape on him mouth, I saw it in his eyes. His eyes said everything,
    tab "Why? What have you done to me?" Two minutes of non-stop beating, moaning and groaning, and the murderer, the man who so consistantly delivered a pattern of wrong doings, just smiled at me for a second. For that one second, I hated him more than I hated him before, and I thought that would never be topped.
    tab Then, he just...turned around, looked down at the battered, bloody man he had just half killed, and leaned close. The bounded man just squirmed, but no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't do anything about what was about to happen. All he was was a worm now. A helpless mosquito about to be swatted.
    tab "You know," the heartless murderer whispered, "it's not really my fault. If your little James friend over there weren't so stubborn, you probably wouldn't be in this situation, huh?" He just kind of shrugged, and went on,
    tab "Oh well. We all make mistakes. Just, well, just some are bigger than others. Give my regards to The Maker, all right?" A menacing bang echoed in the air as I looked at the lifeless friend on the ground, wishing that I hadn't.
    tab The hatred I felt at that moment was indescribable. And the thought of revenge was the only think I could actually think about.