• Owen turned to Jane. Jane just stared at him. He was pretty... cute, actually.
    "Did you tell her anything?" Anne whispered rather loudly.
    "Yes," Kevin mock-whispered. Everyone could hear their conversation. Anne frowned at him.
    Then she asked, "What did you say?"
    Kevin hesitated, "I told her some stuff about vampires." Anne raised an eyebrow. Kevin smiled a bit, "Uh, shall we?" Owen nodded and took Anne's elbow, dragging her out of Kevin's way. Then he took note of Kevin's condition and offered his shoulder, even though he was a bit taller. Kevin took it gratefully. Jane kept her eyes on Kevin's feet in front of her, Kevin kept his eye on Anne, while Anne peeked at Jane frequently. Owen just smiled pleasantly ahead, not unaware of their eyes. The silence was uncomfortable. The elevator dinged just as they got to it. They walked in after an older man came out. Anne pushed the bottom floor, and they waited in silence as the doors closed.
    "So," Anne said, drawing out the 'o' sound, "how do you two know each other, how long have you been an item, why did Kevin tell you so much, who are you, what are you, why do I feel so suspicious of you and...? umm... I can't remember my other questions! Dammit!" Jane looked at her like she was insane.
    "Uh, I... I don't know why you feel like that... Umm... I'm a human being? Like, a normal person. My name is Jane. What were your other questions?" Jane asked.
    "I'm the one asking questions!" Anne said enthusiastically, "What were my other questions?"
    Owen answered with a wide smile, "How do you two know each other, how long have you two dated, why did Kevin open up to you, and what were my other questions? But if you don't mind, Anne, I liked the silence before and this really isn't the place, so can you keep to yourself for the moment?" Anne sighed and nodded. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. The four of them walked outside, where a black jeep was waiting. Jane didn't look at the driver, only because he was staring relentlessly at her. They all climbed into the vehicle (even though they didn't really fit in it...) and it took off. Jane ignored her whipping hair and pulled her knees to her chest. She really didn't like jeeps...
    Soon enough, the jeep came to an abrupt, complete stop. Jane looked up. It was a red light. She looked around and saw Kevin, looking like normal and smiling while speaking with the driver, who, Jane noticed, was still staring at her. She bit her lip and looked away. She only caught a glimpse of his sunglasses. The light turned green and the driver stepped on the gas- rather hard.
    Once again, they came to a stop, and when Jane looked up, she sighed. She didn't know where she was, and they were at an apartment building. Damn... But they weren't in the city. No, they weren't. Greenery was everywhere and the building was falling apart. It looked vacant.
    Kevin jumped out and sniffed, "Home sweet home." He turned and offered his hand to Jane. She smiled slightly and jumped out, using his helping hand. She turned to the building and immediately looked down. There, standing in front of her was the driver. Still staring. Kevin laughed and whispered in her ear, "Its fine, love. He won't bite. You seem more afraid of him than vampires, who really would bite you." She looked over to him and he walked away, leaving the two there. Everyone else took some things out of the car and brought them inside. Jane brought her eyes up to the driver's glasses.
    "Hello," he said, rather dashingly. She murmured a greeting. He smiled and took off his glasses. He had somewhat long platinum white hair that was pointing in every which direction because of the ride. His smile was full of sharp, white teeth. But his eyes- his eyes were black. They were blacker than the raven's feathers. He was average height, and his skin was paper white.
    "What's your name, angel?" he whispered softly.
    Jane snorted, "Yeah, angel. My name is Jane." He nodded, smiling dashingly. She shifted feet and asked, "Yours?"
    "Jesse. I believe we spoke on the phone," he said. Jane nodded slightly.
    "You're a... an angel, too?" Jane asked.
    Jesse laughed, "No. I was assuming you were, because only angels have beautiful faces such as yours."
    "Why are you here if...?" Jane trailed off.
    He smiled wide, "I'm here because I'm different. I'm one of a kind. My mother was as beautiful as you are. I believe Kevin killed my father yesterday." Jane looked down. He sighed, "Don't look down. I'd rather look at your face than the top of your head." She looked up. He continued, "My mother was human. Don't be sorry for my loss. I'm happy. That's nothing to be sorry for."
    Jane hesitated, "Forgive me, but I didn't look down because I feel sorry. I looked down because... you keep staring at me, and honestly, its kind of freaking me out." He laughed and stood beside her, putting his arm around her.
    "I can tell you're going to be an awesome friend," Jesse laughed. Jane looked at him.
    "Who's friend?" she asked, "yours or everyone's or someone else or..."
    Jesse frowned, "You're everyone's friend." Jane glanced away. He whispered, "Or else something could happen to you." She turned to look at him. He laughed again and walked away. She gulped. She was way in over her head. Angels. Vampires. Half-vampires. What next?