• Life sucks, especially when you’re in high school and you have just found out you are a very powerful creature from the Mystics world.
    Yeah, that’s me, Rain, what are terrible name, I cannot get over my name, I guess I was named that because my parents never wanted me, so I was like a big fat rain drop right on there heads. I’m adopted, so they had just enough time to name me, and for me to barf on them once or twice before they got rid of me.
    My new home is okay, I guess, I have been moved around a lot, for various reasons, most I couldn’t explain until I got to living with this family. I guess I should start at the beginning.

    “Once again, Rain, you seem to have troubled your foster parents. I have no Idea what to do with you any more!” That is my very annoying, very controlling, social security worker, Nancy, “Who can I place you with next, soon there will be no one else out there, except…no she isn’t like any of them…well there is only one way to find out.”
    She likes to talk to herself a lot, and I had no idea what she was talking about, all I knew was that I wanted to just leave and find some other dump to live in. Then she just started to ignore me and grabbed a phone and left in a really big hurry. I knew she only wanted to get rid of me, so I didn’t care anymore. I had no control over what happened at the other homes, and I didn’t know why they happened to me.
    Like at first it was with the nice old Ferguson’s, they were a nice young couple, and they were my first family, I was fine with them until I was about five, I knew something was going on with me when I was younger, but they thought I’d grow out of it, obviously not. Well, anyway, I kept on having horrible dreams, and they always made me wake up screaming about this or that, then the next day on the news, something really terrible had happened, and it sounded a whole awful lot like my dreams.
    It scared the poor couple halfway to death the first time they really understood, that made them give me up strait away. Then came the Olglestein’s. they were horrible, I was so terrified of them, I rarely can out of my room, I was so scared half the time, that I started hearing things, I thought I had finally gone crazy when I heard Mr. Oglestein start cussing very loudly, then he shouted up the stairs the same thing I had just heard in my head. I was only seven, but I was very smart for my age, I could read the Odyssey when I was two, so I stupidly asked “Why do you keep repeating yourself retard?” down the stairs.
    Bad idea, that was. I was put back into foster care almost immediately after that incident. So it went on and on, new things happening to me at every new home, and all of them came in handy, I learned that the voices I was hearing were actually people’s thoughts, and I had the ability to see the future, and I could levitate things, as well as transform into an animal. That was a fun thing to learn, it scared the pants off of my “family” at the time.
    So life goes on, no one knows about the powers except me, and that is it, I am very good at keeping secrets.
    Nancy came back in just then, and I knew what she was going to say what she said before she said it. Yeah it is confusing at first, anyway, Nancy said, “I have found you a new home Rain! Isn’t that exciting?!”
    Of course, my natural response was heavily sarcastic, and very teenager-like, “Yeah, it is wonderful to be put into a new family in a new school, and counted as a part of a family that I don’t belong in, thanks Nancy!” Very heavy sarcasm this time, hey it was my thirteenth home, it does where you down after a while, no hope, and a new place to be “respected and happy, blah, blah, blah”.
    “I do not know how anyone would like to have you as a child, Rain; you are very disrespectful to them all, and you would do well to at least try to behave this time!” Nancy, always a way with words that I don’t care about.
    “Nancy, seriously, this is my thirteenth home, and it is close to my sixteenth birthday, why can’t I just live on my own yet?” I ask her this every time I have to go back to her.
    “You know the answer Rain; you can’t live on your own until you are eighteen.” Nancy’s same answer, every time, “Please try not to cause this family too much trouble, please. This may be your last chance, and the family has a lot of foster children that they take care of, so you’ll fit right in.” Again with repetition, it is like this girl is on a broken record.
    “Fine, I’ll try, but if anything weird happens, don’t blame me, it is all the others fault, it always is anyway.” The last part I mumbled, but I was still unsure of my own thoughts on that subject.
    “All right, let’s go meet your new family!” Too much fake peppiness in her voice, I know that all she wanted to do was get rid of me, like always, she thought I was big trouble, just because I hated skirts, and I hated just about anything girly, black is a cool color, she just doesn’t seem to understand that. Anyway, back to the story.
    We finally get to the house, and on the way there, Nancy told me just about every little detail about my new “family”, as in, There last name is Richardson, they had seven other adoptive children, and one child of there own, and they live in a house that is older than Nancy, and she is ancient.
    My bags are already in the trunk, my lone suitcase with toiletries, a few pairs of clothes, my favorite pictures (without the other families in them), and my stuffed animal, a wolf. Don’t ask, all I know is that it is the only thing that my parents ever gave me before I was sent to live with other freaks of nature who don’t want me.
    The door opens enthusiastically, so energized I jumped a little, “Welcome to our home Rain, I know this is all same old same old to you, so I’ll get right to business,” I like her a little bit already, then again, the last three of my homes did the same thing, “I am Judy, and you can call me that, you don’t have to call me mom or anything, My husband is away on business, so you can meet him tomorrow, but the others are here, oh, except for Jordan, he is the oldest, this is his trip with Daniel. Oh, well, I’ll introduce you.” Wow she talks a lot I won’t ever have to talk again, hallelujah!
    “Everyone, come down and meet your knew housemate! They’ll be down in a minute.”
    “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just looking at your house, it is very nice,” I always have to put on a show at first, just to make Nancy happy, god will she just leave already, “I have never seen furniture like this.”
    I hope this girl knows that she has a lot to learn before she thinks about people in a hateful manner again, oh, oops, she’s listening.
    “Well, thank you, it came with the house, and by the way, Miss Nancy, we won’t be needing your services anymore, I have this all perfectly under control, and I have been through this enough to know the drill, I’ll call you with any concerns as usual.” Odd, that is what I was just thinking, and what did I hear, was that her thoughts?
    “Well,” she looked dazed, “I suppose your right, I’ll just be going now.” She left kind off in an odd state, I didn’t realize that until later.
    “Now that that is settled, ahh, here are the others, Rain, this is Rebecca, Andrew, Travis, Charlie, Samantha, Nicolas, and Amanda. They can give you there nick names themselves, and by the way, when you live here, you can go by any name you would like. You don’t have to go by your given name anymore, why, Rebecca was first named Elizabeth before she moved here.”
    “I have loved the change ever since.” said the girl with strawberry blond hair, in a ponytail, wearing a lot of pink, that is most likely Rebecca, I don’t think I’ll like her much.
    “Well, at least your name isn’t Rain.” I said, hoping to make her feel better about her first name. I then thought for a second and knew exactly what name I wanted, “Asena, that is who I want to be, it means Wolf, in Turkish, and that is how I feel often, like a wolf.”
    “Wow that is so much better than Rain.” That sarcastic voice came from Nicolas; he has brown hair, and was wearing a really baggy t-shirt and sweatpants, a little too relaxed for me.
    “Now, now Nicolas, please you only chose your name because it was after Santa Clause. Remember your first name, Tristram? See we all have names we regretted, and we grew into our new ones, making ourselves new in the process.”
    “I like your name, it is very cool, and how did you think of the name wolf so fast, I can’t even think that fast?” Samantha, sweet Samantha, she always was the shyest and most like me. She even looked like me, sad brown eyes, stringy platinum blond hair, and legs as long as a telephone pole. I knew I would like her from the start.
    “Thanks, I have always been into names, it was always fun to learn the meaning of different names, Samantha means Beautiful and Lovable, so that is a great name to have.” Was I actually nice for once, cool.
    “Wow, you’re a lot nicer than Nick was when he got here! I thought you would be a lot like him, from the way we heard then talking about you down….”
    She was cut off, I was left thinking about how they knew I would be there so fast, it seemed pretty crazy to me then, but I let it drop. “Thanks, I didn’t really know if I’d like anyone, so I’m glad I met someone like you first thing!”
    “Well, isn’t this nice, you have already made some friends here, that is great! Well, now that the introductions are over, let’s eat supper; you must be hungry having to be in that office all day!” She knows what I like, now all we need is, YES! I walked into the kitchen, and sitting there was a huge table with boxes of pizza all over it! I opened a box, and there it was! Vegetarian pizza, just how I liked it! How did she know?
    “How did you know I was vegetarian?” I asked to know one in particular.
    “Oh, we all are, we have never been able to eat meat, it seemed too gruesome for us here.” said Sam, I think she wouldn’t mind the nickname? I should probably ask her?
    “Hey, would you mind if I called you Sam? I know it isn’t my place to give you a nickname, but would you mind? It seems really long to me.”
    “Oh, yeah, the rest of them already do, I don’t usually answer to Samantha anyways, I agree about the too long part, I can’t write for that long! So, what got you kicked out of your last house?” She said grabbing a slice of pizza behind me.
    That was one way to put it; I’m liking her more and more by the minute, “Well, I kind of did something that I couldn’t control, and it scared the family, so they ‘kicked me out’. I know it sound really crazy, but I don’t know how else to explain it without giving you the creeps.”
    “Trust me, I’ve seem enough in this house that nothing gives me the creeps anymore, you’ll fit in just right, I had close to the same thing happen to me as well, I just don’t know what your experience was, I hope you’ll trust me enough soon to tell me though. Oh that reminds me, you have a room with me, and I’m sure Judy has already put your stuff in there.” Yes I have a room with my new best friend!
    “That is the best, where do we go to school, by the way? I have been wondering which fun loving school I get to go to next.”
    “Oh, we are home schooled, the school environment is too much for us, we don’t ‘Fit in’.”