• tab tab tab "Fellow Elites! We are under attack by the Brutes! They have found our home world! Do not let them escape!", a voice rang over Spartan-539's intercom. "Hey sis! Can you tell me the plan again?", her brother called her. She turned around. Her brother was on a low-filtered, grav-lift. He was injured by a Brute Chieftain in the standoff before. "All right. But this is the last time I'm gonna tell you! A small Brute invasion force has come to take over Sanghelios. We have been asked to help to "kick" the Brutes back where they came from. Understand so far?" "Yep. Keep goin'! I like the sound of the squid-heads askin' us for help!", he retorted. "...Anyways! It seems that they have a Worthog, two Mongooses, and a Scorpion tank that we can use. They also have sniper rifles, shotguns, Assault and Battle Rifles, pistols, SMGs, Machine Turrets, Frag Grenades, you name it!. We can also use any other vehicles, weapons or equipment." "Gotcha!", he said as he got up, "Let's rock n' roll!" "Are you sure you want to go? Your head injury hasn't healed yet.", she told him. "I'll be fine! Look! Can an "injured" person do this?", he asked back. Then he started to dance! She smirked. "Okay! I guess your right...this time. Come on. Let's get ready.

    tab tab Thel 'Strum heard the Spartan approach. He turned around. "Are you ready?" "I'll be ready as I'll ever be!", she replied. "Where are you comrades? Did they decide they did not want to come?", he said. "Here they come now!", she told him. He turned to the sound of footsteps. What he saw was one Marine holding a Sniper Rifle in one hand, Shotgun in the other. On his back was a bag full of Ammunition. The other Marine had a Spartan Laser on his shoulder, two SMGs strapped to his chest, a M6D pistol on his thigh, an Assault Rifle on his back while in his other hand he held a Heavy-Machinegun Turret. "Good. Now follow me." They walk through the long, dark corridors until the reached a shuttle bay. They walked toward an awaiting Phantom, where it picked them up and drove off in the glowing sunset.

    tab tab "This is Shipmaster Vol 'Garet! All ship get ready to engage the enemy at my command!" The Combined Fleet Of Sacred Recovery slowly flew in battle formation as forty-five Brute Carriers came out of Slipspace. "Fire!", 'Garet commanded from his Supercarrier. Immediately the fleets multiple frigates, destroyers, crusiers, batteships, supercrusiers, carriers, assault carriers, and his Supercarrier fired. Ships flew in and out, engaging and reengaging each other. "Shipmaster! More ships have come! They now outnumber us, seven to one!", a crewmen said. Damn them, he thought. "Let us stand our ground to save our beloved planet even at the cost of our lives!", he announced. "More Brute crusiers have appeared from the back! They must be Stealth Crusiers!", the crewmen announced! Then all hell broke loose. ["Aghhhh!!!" - "Watch your back!" - "Fire again! And again!" - "Surpress those beasts!!" - "I need supp-Aghhhh!!!"] The Fleet's intercom buzzed with chatter as the Elite's ships took more and more damage. "Wait! We have an unknow vessel coming out of the void (or Slipspace). It comes in as an...Assault Carrier! It could be a Brute ship! Shall we open fire when it comes into range?" "-[Static]-This is Shadow Of Intent! I repeat this is the Shadow Of Intent! Do not open fire!" I know that voice, 'Garet thought. "Rtas 'Vadum! Is that you, brother?" "Yes! It looks like you need a help...your Fleet is badly damaged. Mine is not. Premission to engage?", 'Vadum asked. "Yes, but hurry! We can not hold much longer against the Brutes.", 'Garet replied. "Shipmaster! Look! A battlecrusier is heading toward Sanghelios! Shall we pursue?" BOOM!!! The Supercrusier shook as something hit it. "Status report!" "We have been boarded, shipmaster!", a crewman said. "I want all Lances to be prepared to repel the boarders!", he commanded. Then he tuned his intercom to Thel 'Strum below. "'Strum! You have an incoming crusier!" "Yes. I spot it. How is the battle above?", he asked. "Bad, until Rtas 'Vadum's Fleet had arrived." "Here comes the ship now! I have to go!", 'Strum said. "Victory to you, brother!", he ended. He quickly turned his intercom back to the battle. "Master! The Brutes fled like the cowards they are! They were no match for our warriors!", a crewman updated. "Good. Now let us concentrate our fire on those crusiers."
    ["Hah! Look at them run as I shoot at them!" - "We have won!" - "Can this day get any better??"] The intercom now was chattering with jeers at the Brutes! Vol 'Garet sank back in his chair as the Brute ships were being destroyed. "Send me three Lances and three Phantoms. I need to go down to Sanghelios to aid my brethren!"