• i woke up laying face down in the water there were two crows circling the air around me. i found myself in a ruin. it looked like its been like this for years.
    tidus: i gotta get outta here!!!!!!!!!

    i swam forward to see if auron was here. i doubt it. i then went across a bridge. it looked like it was still intact. i got myself outta of the water and into land. i kept walking till i saw another bridge in the far end of the path way. i ran to the other side of the bridge until i heard a cracking noise. there's something in the water until i heard the bridge collapse.


    i found myself in the water again. but this time i was more alarmed then i ever was. i went under water until i saw 3 green creature with gigantic scales with wings on there back headed straight at me. i got my sword and got ready for my fight. i started with the middle i swam towards it then sliced his body. the other two charged at me and cut my arm. i was bleeding but not out. then suddenly a gigantic roar came out of the east side of the lake. then i saw a gigantic creatures with spikes on his stomach and huge arms with a whale sharks mouth. i was frightened it charged at me. i swam to my life when i spotted a underwater tunnel it was better then nothing. i swam towards with the monster breathing on my legs till finally he blow me inside the cave. i found my self out of the desert but into the freezer. i was so cold i couldn't barely move. i stand up and found a stairway that lead me in a huge praying ground. there were logs in the middle of the gigantic circle.

    tidus: freezing... in.... here. need..... fire.

    i found two hallways one on the left the other one on the right. i headed to the right. there was another stair case that headed to the second floor. on the left of me were burnable flowers which can be used to support the log. i made it to the second floor. there were two drawers open one of them containing tinder. i grabed it and ran back to the first floor. i started to put the flower in the middle of the logs. then i put the rocks togther and made a fire. i put my hands in front of it to warm. then i layed back with my arms in back of my head and thinked.

    tidus:i need food.

    i thought i was going to die in this place. that's when the fire started to go out!!!

    tidus: wait; don't go out on me. hold one i'll get more wood.

    that's when a gigantic fiend walking on four legs with sharp knife link legs came out in front of me. don't i ever get a break. i took out my sword i was ready for battle. i charged at it put i pushed me back with its legs. i tried a second time he jumped at me i was on the floor bruised and cut. until i saw a door blast open. these guys in gas mask came in. they had large guns until i saw this girl come in she ran toward the fiend and through a grenade.

    tidus: woah! your on my side?

    the monster then ran away and up the wall. the two men came up to me and grabed me.

    gunmen:buk he myshin. tunashkin bygue.

    tidus: what do u want. i cant understand you.


    he tug on my arm hard.

    mysterious girl:kuno

    she punched my stomach and i was knocked out.

    i found my self on a ship but it wasn't that big nor small either. it looked like a cargo ship but there was no cargo.a man came out of a automatic door in front of me still talking there weird language. they then started to do expressions for me to understand. he was waving his arms straight foward which means swimming. he then started to jump which means i hve to jump. which my face started to turn pale. he wanted me to go underwater. that mysteriouse girl came out and started to talk English.

    tidus: whoa! u can talk english.

    rikku:yep. my name is rikku.

    tidus. nice to meet you rikku.

    rikku. he wants us to go under water.

    tidus: and if i refuse?

    rikku:then we kill u! ,she giggled.

    rikku: were albhed.

    tidus: whats an albhed.

    rikku: you will find out.

    albhed gunmen:mashook!!

    he pointed his gun at me so did the other three gunmen.

    tidus:alright,alright ill work.

    i got my stuff ready that's when i saw rikku shes was coming to. so we both sprang into action and hit the water.

    to be continued.....