• "Mist.. Mist" Mist opened her eyes to a dream world. There were little cats all over the place. She picked one up and started petting it. Then it hissed at her. "Ow!!!!!" Mist screamed, dropping the cat, which then turned into black smoke.

    She backed away from the rest of the cats, turning into black smoke, she ran. Until she finnaly found a large oak tree and climbed it. She sat down on a high branch.

    Looking down at the black smoke, twisting and turning themselves into black creatures with large fangs and long arms. There face, they had red eyes and no nose, their mouth was being shaped, like someone was watching her.

    She looked at their mouth. It was like from the movie The Haunting in Conneticut, but more scarier. She hugged the bark of the tree harder.

    Mist turned her head to see a boy with brown hair with black streaks in in. His green eyes never looked so welcoming. "Trent!" Mist screamed, she jumped off the branch, her face streaming with tears.

    Mist ran to her brother, but everytime she reached out for him, trying to touch his shoulder, he got farther away, it looked like he wasn't moving.

    Mist got frustrated. "Why can't I catch up to him!?" Mist thought. Mist transformed into a neko. She ran fast, faster then sound. Mist jumped on Trent's back on he fell to the ground.

    "Ha, got you!" Mist laughed. Trent looked at Mist, he gave her a evil, wicked smile. Trent turned into black smoke too. Mist screamed, she couldn't take it anymore, what was this place?!"

    Mist heard loud rumbling noises, Mist eyes flew open, she was on the end of her bed. Beep beep beep. It was her alarm clock, she hit the off button and rolled out of bed.

    Checking her calender, "Great its the first day of school!" Mist mumbled. Mist stood up and picked out her clothes, a purple t-shirt with a star on it, and checkered pants.

    Mist combed her hair and put it up in a pony tail, so it wouldn't get in her face. She bounded down the stairs. She made one of those Lego Waffles her mom had bought.

    Mist sat down at the table and looked over to were Trent used to sit. Mist whimpered sadly. This was her first day of shcool, she knew there would be no one like her in her new school.

    "Of course." Mist thought, eating part of her Lego Waffle that had Dark Vadar on it. "Good Morning Mist" Dad said cheerfully. "Good Morning, dear." Mom said as she kissed Mist's cheek.

    How could they let Trent go so easily? He was their first child, no one can forget their first child,"But my family can." Mist thought. "Have a good first day of school, Mist." Mom said, flipping through the Morning News Channels.

    I finished my Lego Waffles and then took my plate and put it in the sink. Mist went and brushed her teeth, she touched her bell necklace and she turned neko, she cleaned her long fangs.

    Mist hoped they wouldn't pop out in the middle of the day, it would make it seem like she was a vampire, from that Twilight Movie she saw. It would cause major problems for the all the Neko families.

    She flicked her bell and she turned human again. Mist ran up to her room and grabbed her drawing pad and colored pencils, then she threw in her other books in her long bag, first, Mist tightened the bag.

    Second, Mist slid on the railing down the curved stairs. "Mist, stop doing that! You could get hurt!" Dad called out. Mist rolled her eyes, ever since Trent's death, they had all become worry warts that needed to be popped.

    "Bye Mom, Bye Dad." Mist yelled from the door. Mist turned the left corner up Milberry Street. She stopped at the stop sign, cars zooming in and out fast, the light turned to a white human walking.

    Mist started walking in the cross walk, she was the only one. Mist was only half way to the other side when she heard speeding, she turned her head to see a car speeding at her.

    Mist just froze, she completely forgot about being a neko and being able to jump out of the car's way. The car was about a couple feet away from Mist when she just closed her eyes.

    Mist felt no ground, she opened her eyes to see a boy with orange hair. Mist was quiet for a few seconds, then she finnaly relized they were high in the sky. "AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Mist screamed wildly, she was pretty much out of the Earth!

    "Calm down." the boy's voice comforted her to some point. "Who are you, why can you fly, why did you save me from the car?" Mist asked so many questions at one time.

    "Not so many questions at once." the boy answered. Mist blushed at herself for being so rude. "My name is Blake, I will not answer anymore of these questions." Blake answered coldly.

    Mist felt bark under her, Blake sat her on the branch. Mist was too stunned to say anything. "Bye." Blake called, jumping into a cloud. Mist looked around, she was by her school's oak tree. She jumped down and ran to school.

    Mist sighed, everyone was looking at her. Mist walked through the halls. Everyone's eyes on her movements. Mist looked at her map that her parents had given her of the school.

    "So wheres the Office?" Mist whispered, looking around, it was like a maze in here. "Hi, I'm Lily whats your name" a girl said behind her, Mist turned around to see a blonde haired girl with the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen.

    "Uhh.. I'm..Mist." Mist said slowly, putting out her hand. Lily shook it happily. Lily saw Mist's map. "Where do you plan to go, I can show you if you want." Lily offered, her voice sounded like bells ringing.

    "Yes.. thank you, Lily." Lily smiled and her pure white teeth shined
    "I'm going to the Office." Mist told her, "Ok!", she took my hand and guided me through the halls of the school. I saw something shiny on her neck, it was a bell necklace, it was blue, the oppisite of mine.

    I looked at my red bell. "Were here!" Lily said, she popped my cloud bubble. I nodded "Thank you for showing me to the Office." Mist said. "No problem, I guess I'll see you at lunch." I nodded. "Bye~!" Lily waved and ran off, I waved back.

    Happy that Mist had finnaly made a friend, she made her way into the Office, going up to the counter, pulling out the papers her parents had said to bring to the Office.

    "Ah hello, how may I help you?" said a kind voice. I looked up and saw a teacher with glasses on, they were hooked together in the back and she had her hair up in a bun.

    "Umm.. my parents told me to bring this to the Office." Mist said shyly, holding out the papers. "Ah I see." the kind voice said, taking the papers and looking them over. "I'll be right back." the kind voice said. I nodded.

    Mist was very happy now, she met a nice teacher, "About time." Mist thought, remembing Mrs. Black, banging her ruler on the chalk board. "Ah welcome Mist Birrey, I am Principal HeartsWorth, nice to meet you." Prinipal HeartsWorth said, holding out her hand.

    I shook it. "Well, our Art teacher here." Prinipal HeartsWorth said, nodding to the kind voice that helped me. "She will give you your classes for the rest of the school year." Prinicpal HeartsWorth said.

    "Thank..you." Mist said politly. "If you need any help, ask me or any of the teachers." Principal HeartsWorth said kindly. Principal HeartsWorth scurried out of the room to a door, then closed it.

    "Well then.. Mist." said the Art teacher. "I am Ms.Power." Ms. Power said kindly, putting out her hand, I shook it.

    "Well.." Ms.Power started. "Your first class is Art." Ms. Power smiled, "I hope you like Art as much as I do." Ms. Power said, seeming pretty happy about it. "I do like Art alot." Mist stated.

    "Good, it should be a breeze for you then." Ms. Power smiled, "Please be on time." "I will." Mist said, watching Ms. Power leave. Mist left the Office and followed her map to the Art room.