• One summer day While Dark was getting ready to go swimming there was a knock at her door!

    Darkkrystal: Hello?
    Robin:Can we crash wit you?
    Claire: Or parents kicked us out, well pay part of the rent and buy some food!!!
    Darkkrystal: sure im liven in my basement So theres 3 extra rooms!
    Claire: Thank you so much Dark your the greatest.

    * 3 months later *

    Darkkrystal:Hey guys omg i found a school for people like us *smiles
    Claire: awsume
    Robin:whats the bad part?
    Darkkrystal we have to were school uniforms!
    Robin: Whines*
    Claire: We should be able to be weapons right?
    Dark: urp
    Robin: yes
    Claire: well talk about it later we have to get ready for work!

    To Be Continued...